It’s not a recession, it’s a SuperSale

Every other market we go to has a sale at some point. This season, the stock market is offering some amazing discounts on everything except Campbell Soup, apparently (up nearly 8% so far this week, wtf??).

I wasn’t planning to deposit anything in my Roth IRA for a couple of months because I just paid my first annual premium on a Whole Life policy (more on that in another post), which has left me with relatively little money to shop for bargains with. So I’m thinking about moving a third of my 3-month safety net that sits it an ING Direct savings account into my TDAmeritrade Roth IRA account to take advantage of the Fall SuperSale.

There are some valid points for my hesitation…

  • Are we reasonably close to the bottom, or is there a lot further to fall? I’m no expert, but it seems like a lot of the sell-off has been more about panic than logic.
  • My income is never guaranteed and could dry up at any moment (but then, it has been like that for 5 years, this is not a new worry), so it might not be too easy to top up the ol’ savings account.
  • Will I be able to replenish the safety net by the end of the year? Am I being silly for imposing such an arbitrary deadline?

I wish the media wasn’t so free and easy with words like “catastrophe”, “carnage” and “crisis” to describe everything from a global tsunami to a housefire that killed a goldfish. Kinda makes it hard for the average jane to figure out what’s worth worrying about.


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