October Money Plan

To distract myself from the nosediving Dow (and my Roth IRA), today I’m focusing on the financial things over which I have at least a semblance of control. I wish my income was one of those items, but I’m just crossing my fingers that things continue as they’ve been for the past 5 weeks. So, my goals for the month are:

Deposit $2K in my Roth IRA  –  As I mentioned in a previous post, this market is having a supersale! Even if I don’t guess the bottom of the market, it’s a matter of getting a 30% discount instead of a 40% discount. It’s still a freaking discount, and I’m patient about seeing a return.

Call Royal Bank of Scotland (in Scotland) and get ATM card  –  I’ve been putting this off forever because I always think of it after 8pm their time, which, last I checked in 2003, is when their customer service line closes for the night. I have money from a cashed-in investment sitting in my old chequing account in Edinburgh (where I lived 1992-2000) earning 0.12% interest that I still haven’t figured out the best way of transferring. If nothing else, I can withdraw it in chunks from an ATM, but the card will allow me to register for online banking. I wonder if I can still remember my passcodes, unused for most of this decade.

Cancel landline telephone  –  I’ve been keeping this $21+taxes utility for two reason:  (1) to make that international call to the Royal Bank of Scotland, and (2) to call my cell phone when I misplace it. Since I haven’t used it for Purpose #2 in two years and can probably get my doorman to call it in a pinch, I should just make the phone call and then dump the line.

Participate in The 10-Day Give  –  Bob at ChristianPF was kind enough to accept this Catholic-born atheist into his challenge. It kicks off this Friday, October 10th. I’m already lining up my giving plans so I don’t resort to giving $5 to the first panhandler I bump into. But if I do go that route at some point, it will not be one of the bums I usually patronize, because they’ll start expecting more than the usual 50-cents-to-$1 that I usually fork over. I hate that.

Establish a Snowflake Goal  –  I mentioned this saving strategy to my mother, and she kind of latched onto it. When I remarked on my last visit that a single chiropractic adjustment would cost me $70 but by getting a freebie from her boss for just the $20 train ticket plus $20 for a brunch treat at the diner, she piped up “that saves you $30 – big snowflake!” So I’d like to encourage her by doing it, but I want a goal for this.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the mention and of course you are welcome to join. I was a catholic born and agnostic for a period of my life as well – I love atheists and Christians – even though the athiests are sometimes nicer 😉

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