AIG Execs get a $440K Bailout Retreat??

I don’t pretend to understand the ins and outs of this economic sinkhole, but I feel pretty confident in my opinion that it won’t be solved by $440,000 worth of golf and spa treatments.!!! Holy hell, what are these dumbasses thinking??? I don’t care if they booked it 5 years ago during a more halcyon era, you bite the bullet and cancel it. I have always sucked at any kind of politics, especially the office kind, but who forgot to tell them that losing any deposit money involved would not make the news, but going ahead with such a plan would? And do you think the taxpayers that bailed them are going to care that the executives benefiting from all this weren’t the exact ones responsible for the company’s dire straits?

$23,380 on spa treatments…to quantify that, you’re looking at about 155 x $150 massages. I guess they’re all really sore from lugging around their $5 million bonuses.


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  1. I could not have said it better myself. How can they get away with such extravgances??? No conscience or no clue….?

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