Frugality: The Fall-out from Charitable Giving

I won’t get too much into the whole charity thing here (I have another blog for that), but one of the activities I pursue is clipping coupons for military families abroad to use in their commissary. I used to use coupons when I first moved back to the US in 2000 and earned peanuts – I was living in the ‘burbs and drooled over double-coupon days. But now I live in Manhattan where food prices are 50-100% higher, so 40 cents off a $5 item just didn’t seem worth the time it took to clip and file and dig out little bits of colorful paper.

But clipping and sorting for other people is worth it, and of course in the process, I come across good coupons for my personal use which I then cross-check with weekly circulars online. So today I picked up two packs of Bic Comfort 3 razors normally priced @ $4.49, on sale for $2.99, and then I had a couple of $2 coupons. I got $9 worth of something I really needed for $2. I also got $8 worth of feminine products for $4.25. So now I’m thinking that I’ll put the $10.75 I just “snowflaked” into my funny little Japanese jar with icons of financial prosperity (or so I was told) all over it, and earmark those funds for another charity I just gave to for the first time on Friday night as part of the 10-Day Give challenge. So look at that – by making headway with one of my October goals (the 10-Day Give), I’m finding some direction with another one. Cool.


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