Stuff I’d like to buy in the next 12 months

I was born with faulty X-chromosomes: I hate shopping, especially for large items I feel the need to do a lot of research before plonking down the dough to make sure I’m getting the right thing for my needs and a decent deal. Know what happens? The terminology always changes since I bought its predecessor. Like a computer…they don’t call it RAM anymore, so what is it? DDR? Isn’t that the abbreviation for former East Germany? I know, I’m totally dating myself, but I’m definitely more world traveler than technowiz.

Anyway, here are a few things that are quickly shifting from “should replace soon” to “must replace before they die and leave me up a creek”:

BOOKCASE (undetermined price) — What I’ve got is a $90 self-assembly piece I bought at Target 7 years ago. It has somehow survived two moves without falling apart, but things aren’t lining up too well anymore. Every time I look at, I wonder if it’s about to disintegrate into a pile of compacted woodchips and dust.

TV STAND (undetermined price) — I’ve been using a salvaged butcher block cart for 5 years. What’s wrong with it? The shelves (and therefore my mess) are very exposed. Also, I work from home…I think it makes me look like someone just out of college and making do (which I’m not, as implied by the DDR reference above). Not the case – I’m just too lazy to shop for anything else.

LAPTOP ($500-700) — I understand that the life expectancy of a laptop is 2 years, and my portable friend is 2-1/2. I do not want to get to the point I did with my last two, where one component or another fried and left me computerless for a few days while I tried to get it fixed and eventually gave up. But I have such a hard time figuring out what’s worth the $ and what isn’t, how to set up anti-virus stuff, transferring data…blech.

TELEVISION ($1000-1300) — Not urgent, but I’d really like something bigger than 20″. I’ve got my eye on one of those flat thingies, maybe a 40-42″ set. But do I have half a clue what the difference is between LCD and Plasma? And what exactly is HD anyway? Is there any point in a non-sportslover getting this kind of TV unless she also gets a Blu-Ray doohickey? Do I really want such an expensive piece of electronics to worry about when I sublet or move?

BED ($800-1500) — I flipped my mattress for the first time in 4 years this past weekend and saw how pulled and slouchy the edges have gotten. It’s 7 years old, and about due for replacement anyway. Both my mother and my brother have bought new beds this year, and the whole process sounds super-annoying. Apparently this is an item you’re supposed to haggle over?? I hate haggling. Plus, this is the first new bed I’ve used for longer than a year after purchase…I have a habit if emigrating. Not sure about the cause-effect relationship there.


4 Responses

  1. I’m the same as you when it comes to the pre-purchase research. Sometimes I wonder if I’m only making life difficult for myself by opening up a big can of worms because I end up getting so confused by all the terminology! I have never been brave enough to buy a laptop without help from someone who knows what they are talking about.

  2. I bought a really nice bookcase with a glass door at I know people have had awful experiences, but mine have been great.

  3. I would like to get a Nintendo Wii. My friend had one before and I kid you not they are hours of fun!

  4. […] new laptop for MMK Posted on February 24, 2009 by moneymatekate A few months ago, I posted a list of a bunch of things I either wanted or needed to buy in the near future. This afternoon, I bought […]

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