Watching CNN with a Dirty Mind

I caught a few minutes of the congressional hearings on the economic crisis this morning, specifically the part with Alan Greenspan. What a pointless (and at times, rude) witch hunt – what are the hoping to do, find someone to blame and sue them for $1 trillion?? I wanted to hear Dr. Greenspan draw attention to this particular waste of time by saying something snarky like “at the time, my judgment was seriously impaired by my hormones. I was spending every morning fantasizing about what I was going to do to my paramour, Barbara Walters, at lunchtime”. Then I changed the channel to watch The View. I flipped back and forth to better picture them as a couple. I’m obviously focusing on really important things this morning.


One Response

  1. Haha! So true, and very well put. I hated watching it, it was like watching a parody of itself on a show like Saturday Night Live.

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