More Dumb $ Luck: The Platinum Edition

My sister’s boyfriend asked her to marry him on August 11th. Although she said yes immediately, she has since been frustratingly indecisive about everything else – including the frikkin’ engagement ring. The boyfriend-now-fiance very thoughtfully did not buy her a ring so she could pick out her own and gave her a guideline of $10K, but she’s not really into bling – lucky him!

In fact, not only is he lucky to be marrying someone who doesn’t want to max out her rock-and-metal budget, he’s lucky to be marrying Little Miss Indecisive. She checked things out two months ago to figure out the basics, like what settings and cuts she liked…and then threw up her hands and ignored it until this weekend. So she went back to the helpful jewelry store, and this is when Dumb Luck struck —

The price of platinum has HALVED in the last couple of months. It currently costs about the same as gold, which is down about 30% since then. This means that the price of the setting is also halved. HOW COOL IS THAT – By dithering for 10 weeks, they scored a 4-figure savings!!!

But wait, there’s more! The saleswoman asked when she wanted the ring by, and my sister requested mid-November, so that she’d have it by the time she flew home to NY/NJ for a shopping visit. Apparently there’s only one wedding dress store within a 2-hour driving radius of where she lives in Colorado, and it’s all pricey designer stuff. Anyway, the awesome salesgenius suggested that they deliver the ring to me in NYC and enjoy the option of avoiding state sales tax. That’s another $700 saved!!! But then my sister frowned…she wanted her fiance to put it on her finger and be the first to see her wear it. No problem, said Awesome Salesgenius, there’s no rule against letting her “take it for a test drive” for a few days before mailing it.

It sure is nice when good things happen to good people. It doesn’t happen often enough, and she’s been through it…I’ll save up that tale of bats, fire, a greencard-seeking kiwi, homegrown weed and a Hefner for another day. And it’s legitimately about personal finance!


4 Responses

  1. Nothing like a cr&ppy economy to make sales people creative. Wonderful savings for wonderful people. Awesome. (And thank you to your future BIL for contributing to the woeful economy. 😀

  2. Hmm, I didn’t know the price of platinum had fallen. We’re off wedding ring shopping in the next few weeks, and I’ll a need platinum ring to go with my engagement ring (I think you need to wear the same materials). Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  3. Wow, that’s totally awesome! Reminds me of my Mrs. – at first she didn’t like annnnnny of the rings out there and kept picking out $300 ones that weren’t even engagement rings 😉 then she fixated on one of the best rings of the store!! i was like, how do you go from THAT to THIS?!

    anyways, i did good and got her the one she went buzzerk over….but she’s totally not into that bling either, more of a “i’ll know it when i see it” kind, if that makes sense.

  4. Both bride- and groom-to-be are delighted with the deal they just scored. Since it’s unclassy to discuss this sort of thing in the real world, I’ll dish on the deets: He gave her a budget of $10K, she was aiming for $5K, and got one for just under $6K that will be insured at the full retail value of $11K. Sales tax would have been an additional ~$500 (she opted for a smaller stone than her groom was pushing for).

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