November Money Plan

It looks like writing out my intentions here (as well as on my weekly to-do list in the sidebar) really does work – when I have nothing better to do, I check them and see what progress I can make.

Pay either my accountant or my overdue quarterly estimated tax ($250 each): First off, don’t feel bad about the delay in paying my accountant. He SUCKS at communicating as well as doing ANYTHING on time. I had to harrass him with calls and emails for THREE MONTHS to get my taxes. In August. He’d had all my info since February. If I weren’t so happy with the actual bottom line, I’d go elsewhere. I also don’t feel bad about not paying my quarterlies because (a) I feel like it’s just getting sucked into questionable bail-outs that shouldn’t have been necessary, and (b) by not having my taxes done on time, I was already two quarters behind. Plus, I’m pretty sure I’ll owe significantly less this year because I’m having such an unexpectedly horrid fourth quarter.

Eat out less:  For both financial and weight-related reasons, I seriously need to cut back. The average cost of my take-out meals is $6, and the calorie content is 650-800. The average cost of a homemade meal is $2 and contains 450 calories. I’ve been averaging 8 take-out meals a week and would like to knock that down to 5/week for November.

Activate RBoS ATM card & cancel landline:  And while I’m at it, enrol in online banking.

Develop an “Added Value” service: I would like to attract more female clients, and I think the best way to do that is to offer little spa treats. For example, some spas give your hands a moisturizing treatment while you’re getting a facial, that sort of thing. Of course, this will involve sourcing practice guinea pigs, which is always a problem. Ugh.

Start a list of questions for the annual visit with my CPA:  If I don’t write them down somewhere, I will forget to ask. If I don’t ask at the appointment, I never get answers.

Make at least two doctors’ appointments: I need to see three specialists, and I hate picking doctors randomly off the insurance website – but I don’t have a choice, do I. I haven’t seen a gyn in 2-1/2 years, and I haven’t had an annual mole check from a derm in about 4 years (extensive history of skin cancer in my family). I also need to do something about the mild tingling in my fingers that’s been going on for 6-8 months; the chiropractor hasn’t had any effect on that particular problem…so I need to see a neurologist and probably get some weird and painful tests done. How is this finance-related? I think preventive and timely care is important for everyone, but as someone self-employed in a physically-demanding profession, it’s vital. Especially the tingly fingers thing. I’ve been putting that off because you just know the doc is going to say “stop giving massages for a month and see how it goes”, which is just sooo not an option.


4 Responses

  1. Well I feel like a peeping tom reading your blogs….but they are SOOO entertaining! You can tell me to butt out, but I had a thought on your “spa treat” thing. Not sure if this is fancy enough for you but here is a link to this “Lemming Box” thing that Ashley buys for $20 which is loaded with bath type items. Not being a bath person myself I haven’t bought any but she LOVES them! (and she’s in your neck of the woods)

    What kind of chiropractic do your people do?
    I’m a DNFT lover myself, although I come from a whole family of the “other kind”. The best chiro I had combined DNFT with the Cox therapy. He truly was a genius. I swear these guys have cured me of anything and everything (except my own bad habits).

  2. Ah, by “spa treats” I meant things I could add on to the massage session without a lot of specialty equipment, e.g. a face mask. But I could totally get into those Lemming Boxes!

    I know my guy does mostly SOT and trigger point stuff on me. I say that like I know what I’m talking about, when honestly I have no idea what the different kinds are. I only know this because my massage guy understands all the differences and figured it out based on my description of the treatments. Then I confirmed with my chiro…massage guy was right. Maybe it’s time to learn the differences.

  3. I’m a lover of online banking, it does make life a lot easier!!

  4. Oh I get it now! Facials, etc. That would be cool. What a good idea. That reminds me of the other thing I loved about that DNFT/Cox chiro. He had a DNFT table (see my website if I’ve lost you, or but he didn’t have a Cox table. Before making another large investment he instead used one of those big rubber exercise balls to similate a Cox table, just so he could try out his theories first. It worked wonderfully. His patients only needed to come in once a year for maintenance. He charged a little more than some of the others so he wasn’t shooting his own foot off and he was SO worth it. I think that’s the ethical way to go anyway. As opposed to these manufacturers that now make things so they DON’T last! I’ll have to go look up “SOT” but I’m guessing it’s Soft (something technical!) Tissue. And the trigger point part sounds like he uses an activator, which is a “nonforce” type of treatment (I believe). I ain’t no expert and my sister and brother-in-law , both chiros, would “poo-poo” me all day as they don’t like DFNT. Whatever!

    I’ll be curious to see how your new meal plan comes out. I live alone and really don’t cook (any more) but every time I think I should, I end up throwing most of it away that I didn’t use/eat. Which is why I still have a bad diet of fast food/takeout and STILL need to lose weight!

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