October Goals Review

Let’s have a quick review of how I did with my first attempt at setting monthly goals

Deposit $2K in my Roth IRA – CHECK
I’ve put the money it and now I’m just waiting for the next big “down day” to make a purchase.

Call Royal Bank of Scotland (in Scotland) and get ATM card – CHECK
Due to lack of use, they were not planning to send me a new one. I also shifted most of the money into a linked savings account (opened it on the spot) so I could get some damned interest!

Cancel landline telephone – POSTPONED
Although I confirmed with the customer service guy at Royal Bank of Scotland that I would not need to call to activate the card, I’m still going to wait until I have it in hand.

Participate in The 10-Day Give  –  CHECK
The upside: I found a great new charity to support. The downside: yet another one of my local bums now has daily expectations.

Establish a Snowflake Goal  –  CHECK
I’ve started using coupons again, so I’m putting the money saved in a jar and sending a monthly check to an orphanage/street kids program in Tanzania.


One Response

  1. Hi there-Excellent progress to date, so pleased for you-its great to see how focused you are!

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