The Cost of a Busy Day

After 5 weeks of having my income behave like the freaking Dow, I experienced a “rally” yesterday and came within $80 of matching the total for Monday-Saturday. The the boost to my bottom line did not come without a price…

Expensive take-out, $16.65
I had a 3-hour massage client booked for 2:15pm, but he messed up the time change. Well, his gadgets messed it up – apparently his GPS didn’t automatically synch and he’d been on the road most of the day. So at 12:45, just as I was about to prepare the kind of lunch that would get me through a marathon massage session (heh…the NY marathon was yesterday, so that’s a lame attempt at humor), the doorbell rings. Know what that means? Lunch after 4pm, and extreme hunger, weakness, and probably a headache. I wolfed down a pear without even washing it while he was on his way up in the elevator…so glad I’m on a high floor. So along comes 4pm and I KNOW my smart, healthy, home-cooked lunch is not going to be enough and I’ll end up face-down in a box of Honey Nut Cheerios afterwards, resulting in a sugar coma that would have killed my ability to work in the evening. So I got a steak sandwich and fries from the diner. The silver lining – the size and timing of the meal meant I didn’t need or want dinner.

Tip to Doorman, $5
One of my clients last night is elevator-claustrophobic, and I had to make arrangements for him to use the stairs. It’s not as easy as it sounds because I live in a 38-story building where the first 9 floors are commercial space with a separate entrance, elevator bank and even street address. If you open the wrong door or take the wrong staircase, alarms go off. The concierge/doorman was exceptionally helpful and Mr. Claustrophobia was a big tipper, so I shared a little of the wealth.

Arizona Iced Tea, $1 (love the Big Can!)
I pretty much only drink water, but I got bored with the taste, which happens every now and then, and was getting a little low on fluids. This was more a waste of calories than money, but I poured it down and called it dinner.

Non-monetary costs
Nutritional: I’m losing weight, and eating like this messes with my appetite and scale results, which sucks
Emotional: Giving 7 hours of massage makes me all needy and reminds me of the downside of being single: no one to occasionally make me a cup of tea or rub my shoulders.
Psychological: Specific to last night, I had a groping incident with my last client and came extremely close to applying a pressure point I learned in martial arts class rather than massage class to convince him that I really wasn’t the least bit interested in him. This sort of thing can hit my bottom line in future weeks because I get all hyper-cautious when screening new clients and am more likely to turn someone away that I’d otherwise take a calculated chance on.

In summary, the $$$ costs represent less than 5% of my gross earnings for the day, though that could blossom to 20% if hypercaution kicks in and causes me turn away someone I would otherwise agree to see.


4 Responses

  1. Was the groper a regular client? I noticed that my massage therapist has a sign that tells clients that therapists are professionals and no monkey business would be tolerated. It’s unbelievable that there are people who cross the line like that! But I’m glad you’re well equipped to deal with it.
    Don’t be too discouraged about the caloric and monetary cost of the steak sandwich. An occasional indulgence is good. (Mmmmm… steak+fries….)
    Re: the downside of being single. I totally understand. But I always remember that maintaining a relationship is hard work that I don’t have to deal with. 😛

  2. Shtink,
    The groper was a newbie, with real neck pain. As he was leaving, he kept asking “when can I see you again”, and looked horrified when I said he wasn’t allowed back. Guess he thought it was perfectly fine to tug the waistband of my pants at the back, comment on my “cute rainbow panties”, and then try to SNIFF ME. I actually have a very explicit Rules page on my massage website, and I confirm with every man who calls for an appointment that they’ve read it. The scenario above…I left out the scarier grope-y stuff because it’s just too disturbing.

    I don’t feel too bad about the food – I was weak and shaky with hunger and still had 2.5 hours of work ahead of me. That was after the exhibitionist but before the claustrophobe and the groper. What a weird day – was it a full freaking MOON??

    The whole long-term single thing doesn’t get to me too often, but after a day like that, I need a reminder that there is at least one decent man out there who thinks I’m decent too. Yeah, I know, my standards are ridiculously high, lol.

  3. It might be really fun to try out that pressure point procedure on a client! You could feel like you are in one of those kung-fu movies and your the star! lol!

    well, I am sorry to hear that you had a groper, but am glad to hear that you are very capable in handling the situation. Ack to men and their… should I say, horny behavior?

    Make it a great day!

  4. lol – loved that part about your standards. are you planning a third career as a professional writer?!

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