Update: Debt-Demolishing Sister

I don’t often tell my family right away when I start doing something “new”, like blogging. They already think I’m a little weird, so why would I lob them a softball like that (they think blogging is for geeky teenagers). Anyway, after getting so many positive comments about the way my sister faced down her financial problems, I told her. It’s not the first time I’ve told her how proud I am of the way she handled it, but I really wanted her to “get it”. I’ve noticed that a lot of the PF blogosphere battling debt are following a similar path that she did – starting with a phase of extreme asceticism. And she wants you all to know that it was totally worth it.

She also turned the compliment back on me, but in the realm of negative health, not negative wealth. I guess you could say I was as out of control with my weight as she was with money during the same time period. To equate the two, I had packed on 1 pound of excess weight for every $200 of debt she carried (hah, that’ll make you scroll down to do the math!). She kicked her problem in 2 years, but for me it’s been 3 and counting – I still have “$7400” to go. Crap, Bratty Little Sister metaphorically kicked my ass in the self-control department! Ooo, that is so not cool. I never win 😦


3 Responses

  1. Nothing like a little sisterly rivalry to motivate you. Congrats to your sis. I consider weight loss very similar to debt reduction. It’s so easy to go into debt and to pack on the weight. But it’s so slow and difficult to reduce the debt and weight incurred. The only difference, though, is that weight loss should be done in a slow, steady manner or else you could be jeopardizing your health. i think you’re doing great. Keep up the good work.

  2. i hear ya on the not bringing up the blogging part! haha…although i’m not ashamed of being a complete nerd anymore, in fact i’m starting to like that!

    i’ve been telling friends and family that i blog anonymously now and it feels great! this way they don’t know what i’m saying, but they know it’s a fun hobby of mine…plus, i’m secretly hoping the search around and try to find me 😉

  3. @Shtinkykat – my side of things would be so much easier if I wasn’t eating out of boredom and stress these days. I really need to be busier!!

    @J Money – my sisters and mother don’t really spend much time online, and my brother sticks to myspace, so I know they’ll never find me 😦 I did recently tell my mom about anonymous blogging, but I quickly threw in “I have a daily readership of 70-100 people and I’ve only been doing it 6 weeks” to pre-empt her laughing at me. I have no idea if that’s a good following at the 6-week point, but I’m delighted! And it’s much harder to find a likeminded community like this in the real world than online. This way I don’t bore anyone to tears with my money-drivel.

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