Friday Rant: Volatility, Craigslist, 4am & Splenda

Sometimes I really wonder why I bother trying to save money. My rent is just this monster of an expense that I can’t do anything about unless I move, and it makes my new penny-pinching habit look downright ridiculous. Me saving $10 a week by reducing my take-out consumption when my rent is the wrong side of two grand is like eating an entire Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings and butter and a la mode, then putting freaking Splenda in my coffee.

Sorry, people. I’m in a snarly mood because there is too much outwith my control affecting my daily life and bottom line. On a grand scale, there’s the economy making my clients too jittery – physically, psychologically and financially – to see me. Until 6 weeks ago, it was rare for me to have a weekday with no business, but I’ve had 2 or 3 empty weekdays each week for the past month.

Then my main source of new clients, craigslist, starts charging hookers $5 to post in the Erotic Services category, so they are flooding Therapeutic. My ad sits between “I am heer to give you big big happy w4m XXX” and “Hott Chinee girl handle woodys”. Of equal and perhaps greater worry is that craigslist may decide to extend that $5-per-post fee to my category, and, well, the timing is worse than awful. Spas and hookers can afford things a straight-up solo act like me can’t (and yes, I’ve tried other advertising options, and none produce 1/10th the results that craigslist does), and now I’m eeking by on about half-pay.

If I haven’t scared you off by now…um, sorry. I gave a massage last night at 3am (existing client with jetlag), passed out at 4:15am, and woke up for good at 8am. In the past I’ve turned down his requests because of the ridiculous hour, but it’s been another lousy $$ week so I did it. He behaved decently and made it very worth the loss of sleep.

And my chiro cancelled on me for the second day in a row because he’s sick. I hope he’s better tomorrow, because constant low-grade pain makes me cranky.


2 Responses

  1. you’re right. saving $10 here and $5 there goes right along with that elephant in the room story that i can’t remember! i was just driving my neighbor to the store earlier. she’s out of work on a medical leave. her car broke down. she can’t pay the mortgage, and she not only spent $60 at the grocery store on I don’t know what but then we hit the liquor store and she bought three kinds of alcohol. i guess i should mind my own business but i hate to see the poor girl end up in foreclosure, which is exactly where she’s heading if she doesn’t find a realtor SOON. and you certainly didn’t put ME off with your ranting! I work in an office with about four different companies of financial planners. they’ve been the nastiest these last few weeks than they’ve ever been. and they’re pretty nasty even in the GOOD times! i think if they use the word “volatility” one more time i’ll have to super glue their doors shut. 🙂

  2. Rent payments are aggravating and things are just going to get tougher all around.. Due to the uncertainty of my job, I’ve only signed a 6 month lease. I just learned that my apt. is increasing my rent by $20/month staring January. (Happy new year!) But I’m not going to get discouraged since every little savings counts. It’s key not to succumb to our frustrations. Keep up the good work, MMK!

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