Taking Advantage of My Clients

No – not like THAT! Though I could charge a lot more for my massage session if I did, I think I’ll pass on that particular sideline.

In NYC, what other people pay for rent is a source of great curiosity. While we all feel a bit funny asking relative strangers what their tab is for the roof over their head, there’s this feeling of “we’re all victims of an overpriced market, let’s share our pain”. I particularly like when I get real estate developers through my door, because they like to show off how smart they are and let me know what to expect when my lease is up for renewal. Well, that time of year is fast rolling around again, and it’s on my mind a lot. I am not exaggerating when I say I have more than one nightmare in the months preceding about opening the envelope and seeing monster $500 increases.

Many of my clients like to chat during the first half of the massage. Some of them negotiate for a living and bank nearly seven figures for their expertise (and yet have a frugal streak that sends them to my table instead of a high-end spa more in line with their status). I’m totally going to tap into this resource. I anticipate the following arguments for and against raising my rent this year…

Why my rent SHOULD go up

  • The a/c cooling unit for the building was replaced, with a price tag around $2m
  • Required building code work done on facade and chimney
  • Replaced the rooftop water tank

Why my rent SHOULD NOT go up

  • My utilities are included, and fuel costs are down 30%
  • I’m a great tenant. I never call the property manager (apparently, most do), and only emailed him once – and that was to say I’d be paying the rent early, before the invoice arrived.
  • Someone was convinced there was a bedbug infestation and the manager had to contact 6 tenants to ask delightful questions like “do your sheets have tiny rust-colored blood stains”, and then two days later brought a sniffer dog through to check it out. [Note: Confirmed bedbug-free]
  • Even before the stock market crashed, rents in the city were starting to shrink about 10%.
  • Um…I’m a really good person who deserves a little break every now and then…? Okay, so I just wanted to outnumber the reasons to raise my rent by more than one. But it’s true!

One Response

  1. Hmm… Kinky masseuse vs. increased rent rates… could prove to be useful. LOL! You know that being a dominatrix (no sex involved) can also make tons of money, too. 🙂

    I was thinking about this post… I cannot image a $500 rent increase. And I had to take in that your living abode is also your work place. But you would be paying something like $2500 per month, right? Drastic! Then again, I don’t live in New York. Like I said… kinky masseuse has a ring to it! LOL. j/k.

    But, I wish you the best of luck with that situation. And good luck being your sister’s pet for awhile. 🙂

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