Hooked on Couponics

An awful lot of the blog community participates in some form of couponing, sales-stalking, and playing the CVS game. Well, at first I thought the CVS game was for SAHMs stretching the hell out of a tight budget and not for an urban singleton like me. But since I started clipping coupons a month ago and then finding a charitable angle to it a couple of days ago, I read up on how all this works.

Yes, there are some very obsessed CVSers out there, but (a) it’s kind of cool seeing how much stuff they can get for $5 out of pocket, and (b) they’re doing all the fiddly figuring for lazier couponers like me to benefit from. Dear heavens, they manage to get their hands on scans of weekly circulars up to a month in advance in order to strategize!

So I’ve got about $52 worth of Duracell batteries (48) and Glade candles (been meaning to get seasonal Yankee Candles for 2 weeks now – these will do nicely) for just sales tax lined up for Sunday. Of course, I only do this in the dead of night when there will be no one around to watch me argue with the cashier if he makes a mistake. This is good for me in more ways then one: it gets me out of the house for a one-mile walk at midnight. Helps me towards my 7-miles-a-day quota 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I am going to stock up on Glade candles this Sunday since I have coupons and they get ECBs. I got into the CVS thing this year and my only regret is that I did not know about it earlier so that I could have gotten more stuff!!!!!

    It really is addictive and on the rare occasion that I don’t get to go to CVS I get withdrawal symptoms. 🙂

  2. You can totally do the Duracell deal too – most CVS’s are keeping pads of $5 off 2 packs right by the product. And then they’re on sale ($9.99 for 16, $5.99 for 8). So what you do is buy $21.97 worth of batteries to qualify for the ECBs, use 2 of those $5 coupons to take it down to $12.97, and then get $15 ECBs back. I believe it’s what the obsessive call a “moneymaker”. Even better if I throw in the $2 off a $10 purchase coupon that the little red scanning machine spat out at me this morning.

    Oh, then I get back in line with $20 of Glade candles (8) plus 2 jars of spices from the 2/$1 two-day special, use 4 x $1.50/2 coupons, and get it all free with the $15 ECBs from the batteries…earning another $10 in ECBs.

    I think I got the hang of this pretty fast. Can you tell I’ve had another achingly slow week of work?

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