No More Nightmares About Rent Raises

So I caught a blurb on the late night news about how vacancy rates in the city has gone up by a third (the actual number looks tiny though…1.3% up to 1.7%), and it’s easier to negotiate your way out of the stupid broker fees (1-2 months’ rent) by getting the owner to pay them. So I went to craigslist and had a look in my area. Indeed, my rent absolutely should not go up and really should go down about $100 to be in line with the market.

One of my biggest concerns was qualifying for a lease. My credit score is fine, but my gross income looks terrible on my taxes because most of my life is tax deductible. I could get a guarantor (which is how I got this place – thanks Aunt J!), but that makes me a less desirable tenant right there. However…I saw a lot of ads with things like “bad credit okay”, “guarantors okay”, “students okay” – for buildings that normally would be super-hardass about avoiding that sort of thing.

So if my leasing agent won’t see reason, I might actually have options. I could either save a couple of c-notes and move to another building nearby, or pay the same and get a one-bedroom.  And I suspect my work-from-home situation won’t be problematic because it’s so much more common now than it was 5 years ago when I was last in the market for a place to live.


2 Responses

  1. Don’t forget to account for your moving costs and sneaky costs (like connection fees re: cable, phone) when comparing. But if you’re going to save couple of c-notes per month, you’ll probably make those up in a few months. Good luck hunting.

  2. Hi there-good luck hunting a property and I hope it’s not too expensive for you in the long term.

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