Couponing Alleviates Depression??

I had a quiet weekend of work (was hoping for the exact opposite), and the weather kept me indoors. This is not good, sitting around doing pretty much nothing but stewing over the whole rent thing.

But for a little exercise of both the physical and mathematical kind, during the less rainy moments I walked to CVS to practice this whole coupon game thing. End result: Spent $24 (known as “out of pocket” or OOP amongst the cool coupon kids), got $114 worth of stuff, and am sitting on $21 worth of “ECBs”, which are basically instant rebates in the form of store credit. Most people who work the CVS system do way better than this, but I’m new and (a) made a few mistakes, and (b) OOP in the beginning is always a bit high until you build up those ECBs and have a big stock of manufacturers’ coupons. Oh, that’s right, I guess I’m another $4 in the hole for the coupon organizer I picked up at Staples.

Of course, now I have a fair amount of stuff I don’t need, but as I mentioned before, I have plans for it. My sibs will be getting batteries (something my mom always does), nail polish, shower gel and mascara in their stockings. We have huge stockings, thanks to Mom’s knitting habit. I also tracked down two small charities, the Bottomless Closet and Homeless Youth Services, that accept donations of the kind of things I’m stockpiling – the first gets cosmetics, styling products and adult women stuff for disadvantaged women trying to get a job, while the second, which is a shelter for runaway teens (mostly LGBT) gets toiletries, OTC meds, and any bits they put on their weekly Needs List that I can get a good price on.

If the wind isn’t too nasty tomorrow evening, I’ll lug a couple of bags of toothpaste, cold meds, shower gels, soap, shampoo, lotion, etc. over – that’ll clock up 2.7 miles (RT) towards my daily 7-mile goal, which I’ve been exceptionally bad at meeting this month. So thank you, new coupon hobby I developed via the blogosphere, for getting my butt off the couch and my mind off of scary things over which I have very little control.


2 Responses

  1. Hi there-very inspirational and well done indeed! you’ve done well to turn this hobby into a good cause.

  2. I love when I see people getting a good deal from CVS. I love CVS myself and can’t help getting excited when I get the coupons from the Sunday paper and go to CVS.

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