Might buy my bridesmaid’s dress this weekend

bbdress1Tomorrow night, Bridezillerina arrives. I did a reconnaissance visit to the Ann Taylor flagship store to check out their stock, and what the heck, I tried on the dress I’m very likely to end up wearing. Get this: it was originally ~$200, marked down to $70…and then some nice fellow customer handed me a “30% all purchases in store and online” print-out (code: friends, also good at AT Loft). It’s only good Thurs-Sun, which didn’t work for her. However, it would make a silk dress with taffeta-ruffled slip I’m not likely to ever wear again just $50!! (Clearly I’ve overcome my consumer guilt issues for the time being). I intend to be at least one size smaller by the time the wedding rolls around (heck, I was a size smaller just 5 months ago, so I know it’s achievable), and I’m happy to go ahead and buy the dress.


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  1. That is so very awesome. Don’t you just LOVE deals like that? I bought a dress to wear for my bridal shower the same way. Still LOVE the dress.

  2. same coupon…?

    The Ann Taylor Friends and Family Sale runs 11/20 – 11/23 and this printable coupon will save you 30%. This coupon is good at Ann Taylor stores, Ann Taylor LOFT, Ann Taylor Factory Stores, LOFT Outlet, anntaylor.com and anntaylorloft.com.


    Make as many purchase as you want with this coupon, the online code is FRIENDS08. There are a few restrictions so see coupon/store for details

  3. How exciting. Congrats on finding the dress for $50 rather than $200. Weddings can be so expensive, so it’s great you are able to save so much.

  4. I was going to write, where’s the coupon love MMK? But looks like one of your readers gave us the code. Awesome! That dress is beautiful and what a great find!

  5. The dress will fit my shape better than our other sister’s, but it’s a perfect match for her eyes. Yes, her eyes are so freaking blue that everyone thinks they’re colored contacts.

  6. (sorry, that first link before was screwy)

    FYI free shipping at Lenox


    Did bridezillerina get an album for your pics?

    A bas-relief heart graces the bottom corner of this elegant album, for a decidedly romantic effect. The album makes a beautiful engagement or wedding gift

    Lenox Forevermore™ Double Album $24.98
    Crafted of metal
    Cover holds two 4″ x 6″ photos
    Height: 10″
    Width: 13 1/2″
    Introduced 2006

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