They call me “The KTM”

I’ve been a bit absent on her over the past couple of days because my family descended upon me – but I return to you with a new “financial” nickname: they call me The KTM. This grew out of a chat they were all having about how, instead of taking money from an ATM for their visit and being charged all those stupid fees, they write me checks and I give them the cash. They also have a fond memory from years ago of going to a restaurant, finding out when the bill came that they only accept cash payment…and they all very slowly turned their beseeching eyes on me.

This conversation took place while they were out shopping and I was working on a client. In the middle of it I texted one of them that the client extended his session so they had to stay out an extra half-hour. Apparently this made them very, very happy because I’d make the cost of our dinner – they could feel less guilty about letting me pick up the tab. I could picture all of their big blue eyes lighting up with glee – The KTM was being stocked up!

I did accidentally mess up the manipulation of my work v. family obligations…I turned down a double session (two fencing friends) on Friday night, 10pm-12am, because I just couldn’t chase my houseguests out of my apartment at that time of night for 2 hours. HAH, what did I know! I dragged Mom home at midnight, just as she was about to commit to drinking the night away in a gay bar in Hell’s Kitchen – which the other three promptly did, sticking little brother, aka “Six Figures”, with the tab for 15 x $11 cocktails and calling me from my building lobby at 3am to hit up The KTM for the $3 they owed the nice hot dog vendor on the corner who gave them dogs on short-term credit. (Apparently, in the world of NYC street vendors on 25-degree nights, credit isn’t frozen – only fingers are, heh). In other words, I could have worked on my two clients that night, no problem – but instead, I scheduled them for 4:30pm on Saturday, which did interfere with my ability to join in the afternoon’s shopping expedition. I had warned them all of my schedule the day before, so instead of them being mad, they were apologetic for being a bunch of drunken slugs that morning (and afternoon).

Oh, and we found a back-up dress in case she doesn’t find something better. Apparently it fits with absolute perfection, but she thinks its plainness makes it look more like a nightgown than a wedding gown. We’re hoping she changes her mind – J Crew, midweight silk, $295. What’s not to love!

By the way, KTM is even more clever than you realize…in real life, I go by “Katie” and my surname begins with M…”Katie M”…”KTM”…get it??


7 Responses

  1. That dress is gorgeous!

  2. Hi there-great nickname my dear!

  3. You really have a great, positive attitude and the patience of a saint! And you also have great taste. The dress is simple and elegant and absolutely beautiful. Have a great weekend!

  4. what a hoot! your family is a novel all their own.

  5. I wish my family were that interesting, instead they’re deadly. Deadly boring.

  6. Interesting…a hoot…oh yes, they are a fun combination of adorable and annoying, and they do indeed make everyone else’s family look dull. Wouldn’t trade them for anything!

  7. that is awesome….

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