It’s expensive being The KTM

Just a quick rundown of what it has cost me so far to have family in town…

$200 – Half of Starfish’s plane ticket (birthday/Christmas gift)
$15 – Starfish’s cab fare from the airport (she shared with a stranger)
$5 – Pizza and coke for Starfish’s dinner
$30 – Lunch at Eatery with Starfish
$50 – Dinner at Wandee Siam with Bridezillerina
$30 – Lunch at La Maison with Bridezillerina
$340 – Dinner for 7 with too many ‘tinis ($160 owed back to me)
$20 – 1.5 cocktails at Therapy (the BiPolar and the Pearanoia)
$3 – Settled sisters’ tab with the hot dog cart guy @ 3am
$7 – Coffees and Cokes to help with their hangovers
$15 – Cab + subway to/from bridal shop

TOTAL:  $715, or $555 if Mom and brother stump up as promised (brother said he’d pick up the drinks tab at dinner, Mom wanted dinner for my cousin and his wife to be on her). To be fair, my brother – aka Six Figures – spent about $720 (other half of plane ticket, bar bill for 3 on Saturday was $200 before tip, dinner drink bill, transportation, dinner in NJ). Mom will be out about $300. Bridezilla is looking at ~$550 including airfare and 3 tops from Ann Taylor, and Starfish’s tab is looking like $100. Believe it or not, that’s as it should be based on our incomes (Starfish is at the end of 4 weeks of unemployment, new job starts in a few days).

All of this to shop for a wedding dress. Add all that up, minus the gift plane ticket (that money would have just been spent on different presents), and Bridezilla could have had a $2060 dress. Let’s not dwell on that too much.

Update:  Mom added tax and tip onto the drink bill when sorting out $$ with my brother, so I’m only out $535 for the weekend. I decided not to add tax and tip because he got stuck with the ‘tini bill for my sisters afterwards. Eh, I’ll make up for it over our Christmas trip.


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  1. WOOOw!! Your post just answered my question on my blog today! I now set aside some money each month for “family”. You’re too sweet.

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