Charitably burning off some stress

greenbeancasseroleI’m trying to ward off stress over my powerlessness to do much about my low levels of business and high levels of rent in a way that doesn’t involve eating my weight in cheesecake. So that odd shelter for homeless teen runaways where I dropped off supplies last week (see details of that visit here)… well, they put “prepared food for Thanksgiving” on their Yahoo group wishlist. I emailed the program manager with a few cooking ideas (my skills are limited), and she requested green bean casserole. So here’s what I’m planning to deliver either tonight or tomorrow, and what it cost me:

Green bean casserole (3 batches, ingredients plus aluminum dishes): $11
2dz eggs + 5 lbs bananas (food pantries aren’t supplying these anymore): $5.55
4 bags of Hall’s cough drops, 3 bars of soap, 8 AA batteries (yay CVS!):  $6.50
Fun-size Hershey’s, 2 x 8-packs: $2.15
Total Thanksgiving Giving to Homeless Youth Services: $25.20

It’s also helping me achieve my daily walking target of 5-7 miles. If I make the delivery tonight, I’ll hit the full 7 miles 🙂


4 Responses

  1. What a great idea! Good for you! 🙂

  2. Your greatest gift to these kids is a nice home cooked item. You’re too awesome, MMK.

  3. Be charitiful (is that a word) and burn calories. What a concept! ps – love your other blogs!

    have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  4. You’re awesome, what a good idea.

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