Don’t be stingey with the coupons

Meant to rant about this one earlier this week…

dumpsterdiveI did my usual dumpster-diving and doormat-snatching rounds of my building for the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts and discovered (a) no RedPlum in the New York Times or the New York Post, and (b) SmartSource was not only ridiculously thin, but there were hardly any coupons – it was mostly ads for cheap checks and $99 eyeglasses.

I’m also strangely disappointed that I’ll be missing out on my weekend rounds of the recycling bins because I’m subletting and won’t be around…the P&G Brands circular comes out once a month, and it’s this Sunday. I can usually get my hands on at least 4 copies. Darn.

I had a fun coupon experience at CVS today, bearing in mind that I’m new at all this: $22.50 worth of cosmetics (for my sister), soap and candy for $1.50, and I got another $10 worth of store credit to play with. I discovered to my minor glee that just because the store sale is Buy 1 Get 1 Free doesn’t mean you can’t use a coupon on the free one.


6 Responses

  1. can you use the red plum coupons online? my local grocery doesn’t take internet coupons but i don’t really care as i mostly shop elsewhere.

  2. I thought the exact same thing! There was only one small insert, I clipped two coupons for crap I didn’t need and then just threw them away. I get bummed out when there aren’t good coupons. I doubt this Sunday will be better, I’ve noticed there are rarely coupons in papers near holidays.

  3. Miss M, thanks for that comment. Now I won’t feel too bummed out at missing out on my dumpster diving this weekend. Strangely, I find cutting up the coupon inserts relaxing.

  4. I don’t know why but the circulars and Sunday papers NEVER include coupons on Holiday weekends. And that’s a bummer since I love coupon clipping on Sundays. Good job on the CVS purchases. I really need to start learning how to take advantage of the ECBs.

  5. I live in a neighborhood where most people have their trash and recycling picked up on Tuesday. Some Monday nights while I’m walking the dog I try to search people’s recycling boxes for coupons.

    Also my grocery store doesn’t take internet coupons but Walgreens and Target do.

  6. Here is a link to a website that will tell you what coupons will be included in your Sunday paper. I don’t get the paper delivered anymore so I check the site and if there are good coupons I’ll go to the gas station and buy a paper if the coupons look good.

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