Embracing Cyber Monday

I think I’m almost completely done with my Christmas shopping. It was less painful than expected now that I’ve developed a habit of googling for online coupons, even for smaller retailers like the National Geographic shop and 123inkjet (that last one is not a lame present – it’s for me, my toner has been on light gray for months).

I did not choose to do all this online shopping today because that’s what a good middle-class American consumer is supposed to do on Cyber Monday. Strangely, I did it because my mother was heartbroken last night for not making two significant online purchases through the United Miles Plus Mall – she’s less than 2000 miles shy of a free ticket. My sister’s wedding gown from Ann Taylor would have been good for 625 miles, and the batch of Christmas stuff I ordered from Sierra Trading Post would have been another 430 miles.  So I bought some much-needed work clothes (oh, more stories behind that purchase, geez) on OldNavy.com with all their stackable coupons, plus the toner…about 470 miles, which made her ridiculously happy.

So my Christmas purchases so far are…

Mother:  Bolivian Tapestry Suede Tote – $82 including ridiculous shipping
Bridezillerina, sister:  Diver’s Watch – $52; ski socks, camisole – $14; Facial (belated b’day) – $85
Starfish, sister:  Half her ticket to NYC – $200 (birthday + Christmas)
Six Figures, brother:  Hm, that deserves a post of its own
Bridezillerina’s fiance, who doesn’t give gifts:  Ski socks, cookies – $12
Starfish’s boyfriend (who has a crazy, born-again mother):  All-Clad 1qt saucier – $35

Between rabid online couponing and a little help from a friend with an employee discount card at Macy’s, I saved about $50 that I otherwise wouldn’t have. That’s, like, 20%. Sweeeeeet.


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