Regifting Quandary – Advice Wanted

potterybarnI’m not sure I’ve ever regifted before, but if I have, it was never to anyone who mattered a whole lot to me.  However, right now I’ve got a perfect match for my brother and I can’t decide if it’s too cheap-n-cheesey to actually go through with. 

I decided a month ago that I want to get my brother something he needs for the home he’s about to buy. He just got a bid rejected 2 weeks ago, but we’re all pretty sure this is going to happen within the next few months. His current selection of furniture is pretty unappealing and screams “Ikea, the recent grad collection” even though he’s mid-30s. And gay. 

I’m sitting on a GREAT gift card from Pottery Barn for $100 that I haven’t used since I got it 4 years ago (I checked – it’s still valid). It’s actually a little more than I was planning to spend on him, which I think is a good thing for a regift. I’m afraid of sitting on the card much longer because you just never know what big retailer will be next to fall, and this one could go in 3 months, 3 years, or maybe not at all…but the card should really get used sooner rather than later. Since I’m mired in lease renewal angst, doing something “homey” is just not a priority.

Both my mother and Bridezillerina think it would be just fine, and Bridezillerina made an interesting comment – “the little stocking stuffers from you are the fun part of Christmas, so don’t stress over the main present”. Well, who knew! Perhaps I should return that diver’s watch and get more silly socks and bubble-gum scented bubblebath and retro candy (Pop Rocks, anyone?).

12/3 update: Just caught this article about regifting off the Yahoo home page this morning…it should be okay if I make super extra sure that the card is fully functional with balance intact.


5 Responses

  1. I once heard that regifting is okay, as long as it is something the person would actually like and use, and I still follow that advice. I think this instance you have a perfect gift for your brother and there is no need to feel guilty about using it! My advice – go for it.

  2. Are you kidding me MMK? I would be thrilled to get a $100 gift card from Pottery Barn. I agree with Saver Queen, just do it! 😀

  3. I think re-gifting a gift card is fine. Anything to keep this christmas getting out of control money-wise! I think there will be a lot of re-gifting done in general this year with so many people out of work and struggling financially.

  4. Gift cards are perfect for regifting as long as they are not partially used! (It is strange to get a gift card with an amount like $16.32 on it!) For more on regifting visit My nonprofit launched the site a few years ago to start the conversation “alternative giving.”

  5. I think this is a great thing to regift. The only time it’s tacky is when it’s a used item. Boxing up dirty dishes and gifting them, tacky. Giving your brother a $100 gift card, awesome. Yeah just check that it is still good and you’re in the clear.

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