Rent Renewal, Part 23 or so: Time to bounce

The managing agent finally called me…apparently I’m at the lowest rent in the building, and the investor is not willing to leave my rent unchanged. My argument that the additional $1200/year (they were willing to cut me back to a $100 raise from the original $150) is what they would lose in just 17 days of vacancy – which is the least it would take to spruce up, show, negotiate and occupy – fell on deaf ears.

The thing is…I’m not in the right frame of mind to make a particularly large decision about my future. I don’t know as I’m any more scared/nervous/depressed than anyone else these days, but I have about 7 weeks to figure out my life. Here are my options as I see it:

1)  Find another apartment and keep doing what I’m doing. I will be able to make rent but maybe not my other expenses over the next few months, but I’ve got enough put aside to ride this out for 8-10 months.

2) Sell my crap, store important stuff at my mother’s, and get the hell out of Dodge. I’m not kidding, I’ve done this MANY times before – but usually with an actual plan in place. I need to come up with that plan. If I’m going to live abroad for a while, I need to do it in a way that will cover my living expenses and ultimately cost me no more than the plane ticket. I’d kind of like to be a do-gooder in East Africa or Southeast Asia. What useful skill needed in the Third World can I acquire in the next few months to make this possible?

3) Suggest to my lease agent that they extend me by two months to buy me a bit more time to get things sorted out. Like that phlebectomy on my right thigh that’s been pending for, oh, a YEAR and might happen in January (might need follow-up work, so shouldn’t depart asap afterwards), and the whole neurology thing I set in motion this week. They keep me at the same rate for 2 months, and in return they get a more competitive time of year to start a new lease (February 1 sucks for landlords, mid-April is way better without being too bad for me if I stay and sign on elsewhere).

This day never stood a chance, did it. Excuse me while I gobble down a handful of legal pharm and stare at a TV that still doesn’t have a signal.


7 Responses

  1. If you are looking for do-gooder work, you could try teaching English in a foreign country. I met a girl in Thailand that was doing that and you dont need a degree or anything depending on the program.

  2. Actually, Gypsie, I’m considering precisely that (I’m wayyyy qualified – and experienced), and will blog about it in the next 24 hours.

  3. Well, I do hope you find the piece of mind you are looking for in this whole situation. But that was mighty nice of them to decrease it $50 a month. 🙂

  4. If the teaching english overseas thing interest you, I’d check out the Jet program in Japan. Although the pay ain’t that great, and you might end up in Asian redneck country, it would be a good experience. Besides, that country is tiny and transportation is phenomenal there.

  5. Mike – I taught at a private chain school in a small city in northern Japan 1997-98. Although I’d love to go back, I’d only want to do it through JET, and they’re not terribly interested in us over-30 types. I’m leaning towards Thailand if I decide to teach abroad for $. Then in my free time, I can work on improving my massage skills for my return!

  6. Is going away abroad to an even more marginal economic situation a great solution to the problem of the rent increase?

    How about finding a roommate and splitting the rent? That way you’ll come out like 7,200 dollars ahead of the game over the year instead of behind it by 1,200.

  7. Steve – it’ll take me longer to go through my money in Tanzania than in Manhattan! Heck, I can fund my travels on just what I pay for health insurance alone – and have even better coverage from a travel policy.

    I live in a studio apartment, and I work from home as a massage therapist. A roommate that isn’t a boyfriend/husband (who, unlike a roommate, would benefit from the income earned from chasing him out of the apartment for an hour) just isn’t an option. That’s why I “sublet” when I’m out of town. I’d do it almost every weekend if I thought I could get away with breaking the rules that often.

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