What to do with a $100 Christmas tip?

My most committed client (weekly for almost 5 years – that’s about 2 months’ rent out of 12) gave me a $100 Christmas bonus. Last year I just plopped it in the fireproof lockbox with the rest of my income and didn’t do anything special with it.

Last weekend, my mom told me that she spent last year’s $100 Christmas bonus from her 3 hours/week extra job on a nice leather jacket, deeply discounted in the after-Christmas sales. When her boss complimented her on it, she said “you have good taste”. It pleased him to know that she actually got something with it instead of just letting it get absorbed into the household. So I’d like to take a leaf from her book and get something with the money that he can see evidence of.

There’s only one material thing I can think of that I want or need around the price tag…some kind of artsy wall clock or mirror, maybe with a colorful mosaic around it, something like that. Preferably one I find on my world travels, even though it would be a major pain in the, well, back and shoulders and baggage allowance, to bring something like that back with me. I have almost nothing on my walls as it is, so it doesn’t matter what kind of place I move into next year, I’ll still need something. Mm, leaning towards a clock – less likely to break, and I don’t really like catching random scary glimpses of myself in the mirror. Wonder what I’ll stumble across in Africa, since I suspect Plan B (6-week gap between leases) is the most likely path I’ll be taking.

There, that’s my best attempt at materialism. And I can tell him “all the better to pace your massage sessions with”.


4 Responses

  1. you’re not kidding, that is a client indeed – dang! i’d totally spend it on a clock or something equally sexy. you can always just carry it around with you when you’re out and about and if you see something by it right on the spot 🙂

  2. I’m with j.money on this one. He did a post about cash gifts and I liked his rule: buy something that you otherwise wouldn’t have that you’ve wanted. I think the client would be happy to see the clock versus knowing the cash went towards groceries. 😀

  3. That makes sense to me, too!

  4. I’ve used cash presents for both savings and to buy myself a present. A few years ago I got some cash from my uncle and bough a new gas grill. I took a photo and mailed it to him, thanking him for the money and telling him exactly what I spent it on. He was delighted that I got something I really wanted.

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