A Great $$ Finish to 2008, Plus a Racy Story

Oh boy am I glad that I didn’t end up snowbound in Aspen for an extra few days – I worked my butt off the last two days and made stacks of cash, and I just got booked for a “very chill” (his wife is pregnant, but no one knows yet) impromptu party in the West Village tonight, where I will earn anywhere from $220 to $600. The host is still waiting to hear from most people if they’re interested (so far, 3 are), but we both reckon that the moment one person returns to the party after their massage singing my praises, that the others will likely want in on the deal. This could very well turn out to be the best 3 consecutive days of business ever. [Update:  Did 4 massages, made $420 – zipadeedoodah! – and got home at 11:55pm]

Plus, it’s 1pm…offices are about to start announcing early closures. An appointment or two before this evening’s event is not outside the realm of possibility. Oh, and I’ve got someone already lined up for 11am tomorrow. I love being busy, and not just for the money – my work can be very satifying.

Is it too much to hope that New Yorkers just needed a break from the constant media stream of economic doom and gloom to get in touch with their own reality?

Oh, and since none of you know me, I’ll share one of the strangest requests I’ve received this year as long as you promise not to judge me – I do not invite these offers, but in my line of work they just happen even if you’re 40 lbs overweight, pushing 40, wear baggy t-shirts and no make-up (I sound like a real charmer, don’t I). A somewhat attractive client I worked on for the first time 2 weeks ago wants to pay me $110 (my early housecall fee) for an hour of “CFNM”. This is fetish-speak for Clothed Female Naked Male – what can I say, I met a dominatrix at a Scottish wedding and a stripper on a flight to Vegas, so I collected a lot of new vocab. He wanted me to bring a female friend or relative, sit in his hotel room, drink coffee, and comment on his naked body – no contact. One part of me thinks “ew, that’s creepy”, the other part says “no law is being broken, just take the idiot’s money”. After all, I’m very used to being a Clothed Female in the presence of a Naked Male – that’s about 50% of my work enviroment! Alas, I don’t even have to debate the moral dilemma: there’s not a soul I could ask even if I wanted to.

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  1. “Is it too much to hope that New Yorkers just needed a break from the constant media stream of economic doom and gloom to get in touch with their own reality?” No, it’s not. In fact, I’d venture to say the New Yorkers need you.

    I’m going to Seminary (praise the baby jebsus!) in the fall and I would soooooo take the CFNM money. (I don’t know what Seminary or the baby jebsus has to do with that, but I just like the stereotypes that flair up when I mention it). Srsly. Why judge you or him? Needs met. No harm. Amen. Pass the cash.

  2. CF, you’re my kinda preacher – and I’m an atheist!

    The last time something legal but morally odd happened (I had no idea what was going on – it was a non-contact, non-participant role on my part), I donated the money to the Nepalese Youth Opportunities Fund to save a girl from indentured servitude and buy her family a piglet.

    I don’t suppose you have plans to be in NYC the week of Jan 12? Hehe.

  3. Good for you!

    As for the CFNM money, this isn’t a moral judgment, but I’d be worried about safety issues. But that would be true of any house call, I guess.

  4. ah… thanks for the belly laugh! my family is all cracking up here, the consenus here is taking the money is OK, but the problem would be trying to keep a straight face for the hour 🙂

  5. Dog – I’ve worked on this guy before, so he’s “pre-screened”. And CFNM is a subcategory of submissiveness – in other words, it’s not part of the fun for him to be push beyond pre-set boundaries. It’s the boundaries they’re into. You’re right, it’s true of any housecall, which is why I mostly see out-of-towners in hotels…plenty of security, and New Yorkers are way more problematic after dark than non-New Yorkers. Throw in 8 years of martial arts training, and you’ve got a very responsible and self-reliant massage therapist!

    Louise – keeping a straight face is always a challenge when guys get all freaky like that. I settle for a smirk, and they seem to enjoy the lite ridicule. I say this like I’m a pro…but honestly, this stuff just crops up every now and then, so after nearly 6 years, I’m pretty good at figuring out the psychology of it all. I usually blacklist such clients, but this one is pretty inoffensive.

  6. Wow, I’ve know about alot of this stuff, but CFNM is a new one to me. lol! I say go for it. Could prove to be rather interesting. Yes, the straight face would be a hard one.

    And a friend or relative. Wow, that would bring family memories. LOL!

  7. I know! He suggested my MOTHER!!!

  8. Are you looking for volunteers to do it with you? 😉 That would be one of the stranger things I’ve done for money, but I do work for a company that hires out girls to serve as live sushi buffets, so you know. Sort of fits right in. 🙂

  9. Hm, Little Miss M’bags, your blog profile says you work in publishing…methinks you have a truly fascinating sideline!

  10. hot damn DO ITTTT!! noooooooooow! haha…shoot, you can even interview him about his financial habits (like how much he spends on this stuff a year) and then make another nifty post about it 😉

    git ‘er done!

  11. So I took all your advice and replied to the guy to ask what he wanted the hour to involve. Eh, I’m just not into it. I mean, he wants us to do things like measure him and play ring-toss (“guess what you’ll be using as the post”), stuff like that. I stroke backs for a living, not already-inflated egos. And besides, that’s dominatrix territory – power games are so not my cup of tea, and neither is pretending.

  12. Sweet baby jesus, this has to be my all time favorite post, comments fest and final conclusion in the history of the internets. Ring toss? Your mother? ahahahahahaha.

  13. Wow, the comments really did get colorful, didn’t they! The highlights….

    A preacher-to-be’s stamp of approval
    A family sitting around Louise’s computer reading this
    A live sushi buffet girl recruiter
    The potential for a PF interview
    The Ninja Masseuse
    The Ring Toss, and the thought of my mother doing the tossing
    The people I meet on my travels

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