I hit 4 out of my 6 resolutions for 2008

Well, really I hit 4 out of 5, since the 6th was rendered impossible for medical reasons. Here’s how my New Year’s Resolutions 2008 shaped up:

1.  Walk 1733 miles – the distance from NYC to Aspen – CHECK
Actually exceeded 1800 miles!

2.  See a new country – CHECK
Argentina in August.

3.  Lose more weight than I did in 2007 – FAIL
I regained all of the weight I lost in 2007

4.  Participate in 3 races and run a sub-10min mile – ABANDONED
Discovered that running causes way too much back/shoulder pain thanks to stupid chesticles. The shift to walking saves me $8-10K in surgery and a stint under general anesthesia.

5.  Save/Invest $15,000 – CHECK
$9K whole life policy, $5K Roth IRA, $1K savings account top-up

6.  Find ways to be a better human – CHECK
Got certified in First Aid & CPR, donated over $800 to charity (which is $800 more than last year), played Santa to 3 needy NYC families, made up for food pantry shortages at a teen shelter, bought 50% of Starfish’s new couch after her apartment burned down, used extra luggage space to bring $100 worth of bookbags and school supplies to a charity in Mexico while on vacation.

Tomorrow I will call my Resolutionist friend and we’ll discuss all this while we make our 2009 lists. It won’t be easy, given the huge uncertainties I’m facing in the next few months. I feel like I should just skip the first quarter and do resolutions based on my April birthday.

5 Responses

  1. Sounds like a fascinating year! How did you manage to keep track of all the miles you walked? And I really like #6. I would like to find a way to incorporate that into my life.

    Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration! Can’t wait to hear about 2009.

  2. Hi there-you’ve acheived so very much, well done indeed!

  3. You did a good job on the 08 goals. I really liked them all including visiting a different country, the walking and helping others-very insipiring.

  4. Holler! good for you girl, very impressive – esp that walking & being a better human one 🙂 i didn’t think i had any new goals for ’09 but you reminded me of one! The new country one, i love it….gonna try and hit up Ireland this year.

    here’s to another wonderful year for ya!

  5. You were a great success with #6, I’d say! Overall a great 2008 for MMK. Hurray!

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