New Year’s Resolutions 2009

Not the most exciting subject and definitely not the most original for January 1st, but I actually like doing this every year. I usually share them with my best friend, but she can be really annoying about it – like if she doesn’t achieve them all, she perceives herself as a failure. It can really dampen my pleasure at “only” accomplishing most of mine. So this year, I’ll just share them with a bunch of strangers…ahem, you.

1. See a new country
Planning to go to Kenya & Tanzania in April, which constitutes doubling down!

2. Develop a second source of income
My attempt for 2007 didn’t fly, but it only cost me $38 to find that out – no biggie. My attempt in late 2005 was more successful, but I found it too difficult to write (websites – the content, not the html stuff) when my mood wasn’t right. However, I don’t foresee any pending deaths or romantic involvements, so I might resurrect that one. After all, I wrote my master’s dissertation on writing for the internet, would be nice to apply it to more than just my own advertising and website.

3.  Learn how to use a sewing machine
I’ve had it for 7 months and it’s just collecting dust. If I don’t figure it out by the end of the year, I’ll Freecycle it.

4.  Acquire a new Action Hero skill
I got a real taste for it with my target shooting adventure in Aspen. Hm, what else can I try my hand at…

5.  Master something homemade
My best friend makes massive quantities of Sicilian caponata (I’m the only one who gets two jars, yay!), my mom knits Christmas stockings … I want a signature gift-worthy product! Hopes are not high that it will involve my sewing machine, but it’s not out of the question. Suggestions accepted!

6.  Get down to the 150s by my sister’s wedding in late September
I lose very slowly no matter what I do, maybe 2-3 lbs a month, so this is theoretically achievable in seven months and I’m giving myself nine. I know how to do it, I just have to get back in touch with my tenacity (which, depending on the situation, can be my best asset or my worst handicap). Like, this weekend.

7.  Take better care of myself 
Not as related to #6 as you might think. I really do need to develop some better habits. Like it’s been nearly three years since my last gyn check-up, I need to pursue some alternative treatment for my neck/shoulder issues (e.g. rolfing, yoga, etc), and I should stop ignoring my feet until they feel like vicious sandpaper. That sort of thing.

I usually have a specific financial one, e.g. my “save $15K” from last year, but I just don’t feel in control of my income these days…hence the “second source of income” resolution. Anyway, it’s likely that I’ll be adding one or two more to this list over the next few weeks.


5 Responses

  1. You can totally mesh #3 and #5! I love blankets that my friends have made for me. Perhaps you can sew homemade cushions? Anyhow, your resolutions are adventurous and simultaneously domestic. Awesome!

  2. I’ve seen patterns for simple hand bags you can sew. Go salvage some vintage clothes and whip up some trendy bags. I have a sewing machine still in the box too! Hmm, I see a goal theft in progress. I can’t wait to hear about the africa trip.

  3. I love all of these; great goals. I wish I had some suggestions with #5 but that is an area where I need help as well. Re-the feet, I heard using stridex pads followed by some intense moisturizing lotion like Eucerin then socks at night, will help (saw that on Oprah).

  4. Good luck with your resolutions, they look great! Hope 2009 is a good year filled with love and laughter 🙂

  5. I love your resolutions! Especially #3. I’d love to learn how to use a sewing machine. Although I suppose actually owning one would help.

    Very jealous about #1. Kenya/Tanzania are right up there in places I really want to see.

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