Well-timed American Airlines coupon

Just as I’m starting to track airfares to Nairobi, a nice little 10% coupon from American Airlines appears in my mail cubby – and it just so happens that AA has the best fare and route to begin with! I don’t want ot travel on the embargo dates, I’d definitely be booking before Feb 28 and flying before May 15…but it’s not good for codeshare flights – dratt, the second leg of the trip, London-Nairobi, is a codeshare with British Airways. But I’m thinking it might apply to the NYC-London leg, which would probably save me about $50. As the Scots would say, “well, that’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick”.

So of course, my mind is turning over some other possibilities. Like, one of the flight options allows a 24-hour layover in London. I desperately want to see an osteopath in the UK to get my funky left arm with tingly fingers fixed (I’ve had this before and an osteopath fixed it), but it might take some doing because my day to do this would be a Sunday. I anticipate huge difficulties finding one who will see me on a Sunday. I also just sent a feeler out to a long-time client who temporarily relocated to London a year ago but might not still be there – he worked for Lehman. He extended a standing invitation to crash on his couch if I’m ever passing through (I’m assuming in exchange for a massage, but then he always had a bit of a thing for me…could be dicey territory, but I’m an excellent navigator, heh).

I’m also 5 days into what could very well turn out to be the best $$ week of my massage career. Even if I don’t make another dime, it still makes the Top 5. What a huge shot in the ego and the bank account – long overdue!


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