CVSing for Resolutions #6 & #7

Over Thanksgiving and Christmas, CVS was practically giving the store away. As such, I was able to accumulate $30 in store credit (the famous ECBs – Extra Care Bucks) and over $200 worth of products for $6 out of my pocket. A lot of those products went to charity, and a significant chunk made great stocking stuffers. Last week I blew $10 ECBs on milk and post-Christmas sale items, and last night I blew the remaining $20 ECBs on things I really needed. Of course, I got a lot for my money. Between $20 ECBs, two $5-off-$25 purchase coupons emailed by CVS, Buy-1-Get-1-50%-off deals, sale items and $3 in manufacturers’ coupons, I paid out $17 for $68 worth of stuff mostly for me, and all needed.

Resolution #7 is to take better care of myself. I picked up two tubes of generic OTC Lamisil cream to deal with my expanding athlete’s foot problem – Buy 1 Get 1 half off @ $12.99. My dermatologist was going to give me a prescription for Lamisil, but I declined because I don’t have Rx coverage. Those damn pills cost $300 for a month’s supply, and you need to take it for about 3 months. I’m not investing $1000 in an itchy foot. I also have a nasty toenail, but I’m about to try something odd for that…my sister who just graduated from nursing school says that nurses swear by spraying Windex on it. Whenever I hear stuff like this, it always makes me wonder how someone came up with the idea – “oh, look at my nasty opaque yellow flakey toenail, I think I’ll try to clean it up with blue glass cleaner”. I mean, duh!

Since I got diagnosed last month with arthritis in my lower neck, I’ve been meaning to experiment with assorted OTC painkillers, the plan being to keep them on my bedside ledge and take them when I wake up to use the bathroom around 6am. That way, when I get up for good, the soreness won’t be there and I can be functional right away – which will make it easier to tackle Resolution #6: Lose ~20 lbs. So I picked up two bonus packs (2 bottles of 50 for the price of one) of Tylenol Arthritis – $8.39 each on sale for $7.49 and got back $2 ECBs, each. I’ve been using ibuprofen with mixed results, so I’m shaking it up with a selection of pharm.

For Resolution #6, after 3 years of religiously drinking 3 liters of water a day (very helpful for weight loss), I’m sick of the blandness of plain old water – I need some flavor! I picked up two Arizona Big Cans of Diet Green Tea (no idea how they taste, but it was the only diet option in the fridge case) for 99 cents each.

To take advantage of those $5/$25 coupons plus good sales price and other coupons, I picked up some milk, cereal, cookies, spices (new to the wish list), and shampoo for the teen shelter. Just because 2008 is over doesn’t mean I can’t keep those resolutions going.


2 Responses

  1. I just wanted to thank you for turning me onto the CVS deals! I had been looking for additional ways I could save some money on the family budget, and reading your posts on the subject took me from totally skeptical to willing to try it out. In fact, I have put what I learned from your blog and HCW to use and spent ~$6 on a $34 purchase the other day. So… Thank you! =)

  2. You’re very welcome, Liz. I didn’t get into this whole CVS thing until November. Until I started reading about it on PF/frugal blogs, I didn’t realize that things were actually free. The ECB program is pretty amazing!

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