Suze Orman’s Three Spending Exercises

Along with a few million other people with access to daytime television, I watched a few of the Best Life episodes on Oprah this week. Thursday was the much-anticipated Best Financial Life installment with Suze Orman. In addition to her 5-step plan to take control of your finances, she also included a little list of exercises you could do to get the ball rolling if all the other stuff was a bit intimidating. I considered how they’d work for me…

1.  For just one day, do no spend any money on anything.

I could do this quite easily for at least half the week, every week. I choose not to though because I do all my errands on foot and have to carry everything home. This means lots of little trips to the supermarket rather than one big weekly shop, and I do this according to the whims of my work schedule.

2. For just one week, do not use a credit card.

I rarely use plastic. My cell phone, web hosting, and maybe one other thing are charged automatically, but otherwise I might make 1-3 purchases a month with it – often because the train ticket machine isn’t accepting cash. It’s used for business expenses (easier to track my receipts/deductions), buying plane tickets, and some online ordering at Christmastime. Essentially, I pull this off about 3 weeks a month.

3. For just one month, do not eat out at a restaurant.

Ah, now this would be impossible. I do occasionally try to rein in my spending on take-out, but my downfall is often having 15 minutes to wolf something down, and I have nothing handy that can be prepared in 5 minutes. I end up at the pizza place next door. Waiting until I have time to fix something is absolutely not an option, since I need to keep my energy up for my physical work, and I’m also trying to lose weight (skipping a meal leads to an almighty binge). That $3 and 400 calories are well-spent. I do need to cut back on my current rate of take-out, so I’m going to shoot for eating out/take-out no more than 4x next week (Mon-Sun). It’ll be even better for the waistline than the wallet!

How easy would these three exercise be for YOU?


One Response

  1. these would be pretty easy, I usually only spend money 1-2 days a week now, I don’t use a credit card and I only eat out at a restaurant a couple of times a year, thats the good effects of hanging around pf bloggers I guess!

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