Buy new bulbs? Bite me.

Why why why are there so many different kinds of lightbulbs out there? I remember a time when you had two shapes, normal and fake candle flame. They all screwed in, and came in either white or clear. And I’m just not that old! Now there are a thousand choices, all with little differences that could turn the $10 bulb you just bought into a huge waste of money because you got the wrong set of insert prongs or some such rubbish.

I bought a slightly unusual lamp 5 years ago when I moved into my apartment for $90 and it has 5 tiny bulbs about the size of Christmas lights. Replacement cost: $7.95 EACH. That’s like half the value of the lamp!

Yesterday, my ceiling light blew for the first time since I moved in. I got the handyman (yay – getting my Christmas tip’s worth out of someone!) to take down the globe since I don’t have a ladder, and it turned out to have completely different bulbs than all the other rental units own my the condo management partnership. Apparently, all the others have regular old bulbs. The handyman commented that most of the time, the light fixture including bulbs cost less than replacing the bulbs. It looks like Home Depot doesn’t even stock the model I need, and the cost of something similar is about $10 – and the fixture takes two. Online I can get them for $4 each – plus $9 shipping. I realize this isn’t a huge expense, but for heaven’s sake they’re just light bulbs! 

Then I remembered…I have a second, identical light over my bed alcove that I never use – the switch is poorly located for my arrangement, and I think I’ve flipped it on maybe once a year. Instead, I use another less-than-brilliant floor lamp selection ($4.95 bulbs, takes 2). So I had the handyman switch them around and saved myself $17-22. Heh.


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