Messing with United Airlines. Heh.

I’ve posted more than once in the past month about United Airlines’ poor communication skills. Now I’m testing the waters to see just how bad they are…

Recap:  I called to start the refund process for a cancelled Christmas flight. They were supposed to call or email me in 2-3 days. After 10 days, I emailed customer relations to bitch them out. A few days later, I checked my credit card balance and saw a $114 credit from UA dated 2 days after I requested the refund.

This morning I got an email from UA Refunds, who had obviously been forwarded my snotty email to CR, asking for details of the flight I was expecting a refund for. So I’m wondering…in a large corp that doesn’t communicate well within or without, will I get a second refund?

If I do, I’m keeping it. After all, they changed my outgoing flight without informing me, and I ended up having to start my trip a day earlier than planned which cost me $300 worth of business.


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  1. oh boy….i’m flying out on them this afternoon! *fingers crossed*

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