Scooping Bargains in the Burbs

I may have mentioned this before, but I hate shopping in the city and love shopping in the suburbs – better prices, less crowded, cleaner, you can dump you packages in the car and go back for more, their CVSs have 16-24 pages of deals, and the supermarkets not only have lower prices but also double coupons.

Ah yes, the joys of double couponing. My mom’s local ShopRite now doubles <$1 coupons all the time. And they have their weekly circular online, so imagine my pleasure at matching up coupons and deals. Get this:  Quaker oatmeal on sale for $1.50 (at my local Manhattan supermarket, the sale price is twice that) and I’ve got a 60-cent coupon…double it…that thing’ll cost me 30 cents. I’ve got 4 such coupons. General Mills cereal for $1.77 a box…75-cent online coupons…double it…27 cents for Cheerios (my fave!), Fiber One, etc. Betty Crocker brownie mix…$1.25…50-cent coupon, double it…25 cents out of pocket. I’ll be able to supply enough oatmeal and cereal to that teen shelter for 250 breakfasts (about a week’s worth) for about $5. Woohoo!

And CVS…in a perfect world, I’ll be scooping $90 worth of stuff for $15 – more cash out of pocket than usual because I blew about $25 in store credit ECBs on some post-Christmas sale items and things I needed that weren’t on special. I’ll be going in with 6 ECBs and coming out with 19 ECBs and a ton of goodies to keep and give away – Excedrin, Tylenol, Kleenex, SoyJoy bars, Glade air freshener, NutraTrim Gum (why not, it’s free), Throat Coolers, Duracell, Herbal Essences, Maybelline mascara, Hershey bars, etc. Hey, if you’re going to give me a $5-off-$30 purchase printout that can be used more than once, I’m going to do my best to make you beg for mercy 😀  Of course, if there are no SoyJoy bars for that deal, my evil plans will be foiled. Vive la raincheck!


3 Responses

  1. I just switched a script over to CVS and got their gift card. What are these ECBs you speak of?

  2. ECB = Extra Care Bucks, and is basically their loyalty program. It’s basically a cash refund in the form of store credit. They have weekly and monthly ECB specials of varying degress of awesomeness – sometimes you get the full price back. Like if you go to CVS tomorrow (last day of this week’s sale), you can get 6-packs of SoyJoy bars for $6 and get back 6 ECBs. The week before, one of the better deals was Garnier Fructis shampoo or conditioner for $2.99 with 2 ECBs back – and there are $1 coupons in the sunday fliers every other week for GF stuff. Once you get the system into gear (takes about $20 to get up and running), you will be able to recycle the ECBs most weeks with the assorted deals while only laying out like $1 for $20 worth of items. has great forums for CVS, including a thread for newbies to learn the intricacies. Every time I do it in the burbs, there’s usually another customer watching me and asking how it works. If you’ve got a good head for mental arithmetic, it’ll be relatively easy. Though we all make mistakes the first few times.

  3. Well, I think it’s safe to say I don’t have a good head for mental anything, but I’m definitely giving this a try! Thanks for the tutorial.

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