Weekend Spending: Reese’s Whipped edition

Saturday morning, I headed down to visit my mom in NJ overnight for some steak and rampant CVS & ShopRite scavenging. I did an early appointment before heading down, and came back just in time for one of my charity sessions. I earned pathetic money this past week, but I’m getting used to the rollercoaster that is my income and figured a lot of it could be attributed to the arctic temps. Still, I decided to do some bargain-hunting this weekend because of all the decent CVS deals and short-term $5-off-$30 coupons, plus the “can can” sale at ShopRite.

What I spent:

Train ticket – $20
Diner lunch – $28
ShopRite – $26
CVS – $12
TOTAL – $86

What I saved:

Chiropractic visit (mom’s boss, so free) – $70 (single visit with my chiro)
Mom-grilled steak dinner – $25 (what it would have cost for mine if we’d gone out)
ShopRite – $18 in doubled coupons (plus $20 in sales prices, which doesn’t count)
CVS – $50 + $5 gift card due in 8 weeks + turned 6ECBs into 18.55ECBs
TOTAL:  $168

What I learned:

– Had money not been an issue, my mother would happily have had 2 more kids (she had 4!)

– Somebody (doesn’t matter who) bringing you coffee in bed on Sunday morning is PRICELESS.

– You can often get away with using coupons that don’t quite match the product purchased. I bought regular Cheerios with a doubled 75-cent internet coupon that specified multi-grain Cheerios. And I got $1 off a $2 bag of Hershey’s Kisses&Hugs that was meant only for dark chocolate kisses.

– CVS had a “buy $15 worth of Hershey’s/Reese’s, get a $5 gift card” deal going on, and Reese’s Whipps were on sale for 50 cents. I had nine $1-off-2 Whipps coupons, so I got 18 Whipps FREE. Thank god they were free because they taste awful – similar to a Three Musketeers with a thin crust of peanut butter something under the chocolate surface, and Three Musketeers were my least favorite Halloween haul, while Reese’s PB cups were my favorite. I left half a dozen with my mom to take into work, and the rest go to the teen shelter. As for the rest of the CVS deal, I got a $2 bag of kisses for $1, 2 Hershey’s Special Dark bars for 50 cents (B1G1 coupon), and 2 jumbo Mr Goodbars for $3 (with 1ECB). So I got that $15 worth of chocolate for a net cost of $3.50, but really $1 because it represented half of the $5-off-$30 purchase. And I get A $5 CVS gift card in the mail in 8 weeks. AND I’m not sitting on a pile of candy I like, which would be detrimental to my weight loss resolution.

– Mom loves my Thai massage skills. She has never said this before, apparently because she didn’t want me to feel obliged to work on her all the time. But I offered to rub her shoulders for a few minutes before catching the train back…she said no at first, then acquiesced. And then she tells me that she could totally understand why people who could afford it would have one every week. What, Mom, you mean massage in general? No, MMK, the Thai stuff you do really fixes things and feels better than getting a chiro crack. Really?? I honestly thought she just tolerated my skills occasionally, when her body was super-achey, but it turns out she just felt funny asking me to “work”. So I told her she no longer had a choice in the matter, she was getting one every time we visit each other. My argument? “You gave me life, I think I can give you a freaking massage!”

– Mom assembles “care packages” for my sisters. She gets a flat-rate box from the post office and waits until she has something that really needs to be mailed…and then stuffs the box with things they pay WAY too much for at the supermarket or pharmacy in Aspen. Things like cat food, tampons, ibuprofen, cold meds, sponges, toothpaste. So from my frantic round of couponics this weekend, I contributed some Whipps (before I knew they sucked), Dawn dishwashing liquid, toothbrushes, Fancy Feast.

Now, what I’d really like is to hear from my favorite client, aka Mr. 2am, tonight. That would be a great financial note to end my week on…but if that doesn’t happen, hey, I got a great backcrack, a yummy steak, and a fun little catch-up with my cool mom.


7 Responses

  1. Mums totally rock. It sounds like you take after her a lot, as she sounds like a very generous and lovely person. Glad you had a good weekend 🙂

  2. Awwww.. mom’s care packages are always appreciated. And thanks for letting me know that the Reese’s whipps suck. I’ll avoid buying those. 😀

  3. It’s funny, FruGal…since my dad died 4 years ago, my mom and I have become more alike. I’d argue that she has become more like me rather than the other way around.

    Shtink, when I lived in Scotland, she’d fluff out any birthday and Christmas boxes with “care package” type stuff. My favorite was toilet paper – she put it in because it was lightweight and kept things from moving around too much, plus she knew that it cost 2-3x as much in the UK because I’d bitched about it.

  4. I love Thai massage. It seemed to work particularly well in Thailand where you could just ignore the chatter and enjoy. But now all I can think of that horrible contact fusing story, ha! Maybe that warning will make a responsible contact user out of me yet.

  5. Don’t you love the coffee in bed thing? That is totally PRICELESS. 🙂

    And can your mom talk to my mom about sending care packages my way? lol! Your mom sounds great. It’s neat that you have a good relationship with her.

  6. Couponics – hehe. 🙂

  7. PS – My hubby is a non practicing massage therapist. I always feel terrible asking for one myself.

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