My $20 Friday Night

No, I did not do anything remotely social, which is the norm for me. Wait, let me revise that – I actually had more interaction than usual, it just wasn’t terribly Friday-flavored.

Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to suck, so I dragged myself to the super-cheap supermarket to scoop some bargains for the teen shelter – 20 lbs of chicken legs, 2.5 dozen eggs and (for me) some Thomas’s English muffins for a grand total of $11.65.  Then I went home, packed up a big wheelie suitcase with the haul from the supermarket plus the bounty from last weekend’s couponics, and strolled on down to the shelter. For the full story (which touched me deeply — me, a jaded New Yorker), click here … it’s my charity blog, but I’m worried about boring you all with my bleeding heart stories.

On the way home I picked up some take-out treats, which I really didn’t deserve, for $8.20. I participated in a lively discussion with my fellow pizza-munchers about how the nice Italian lady manager (who has vastly improved the quality of the pizza there since taking over) should handle a prank caller who keeps ringing up to call her a bitch. I thought she should own it and shout back “that’s BEEyotch to you, little boy”, but she decided to go with the men’s suggestion to strike back with “you’re mother’s a bitch”. Yeah, real original. But hey, that was a lot of social activity for a wiseass hermit like me!

2 Responses

  1. Because of your blog(s) and you, I’m going shopping this week and picking up a bunch of groceries, and then calling the shelter to find out what would be a good night to come cook for them.

    Also I know you had mentioned you have no experience cooking for large groups, well I do ( I used to cook for 120 people 3 meals a day at a rehab center) . So if you’re interested, perhaps we could meet up at the shelter and cook a meal?

    Or if you think I’m creepy for even suggesting that than, please disregard by all means and pretend I never said anything. Either way I think what you’re doing to help out is great and inspiring. So thank you.


  2. Dani – you have not set off my creep alarm. Yet…heh. I’ll contact you by regular ol’ email and see if this could work out.

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