$140 Investment in my Neck

After spending $600 on 2 months of unlimited chiropractic and $30 in co-pays to have a neurologist tell me he has nothing in his arsenal to offer me but muscle relaxants (plus whatever 20% of the most vicious diagnostic test ever turns out to be…still waiting for that bill), I’m going vicious-alternative: Rolf Structural Integration, aka Rolfing.  I’ve had it done before for general purposes and wouldn’t say it was worth the money, but specific problems are quite something else. There’s a supply-demand issue here in New York due to some of the most dumbass licensing laws out there, so very few are willing to flirt with the legality of practicing in this state. All of the female practitioners have waiting lists up to 3 months long and even men are able to charge upwards of $200 for a session. Boy did I train up in the wrong discipline!!

The one I’ve been to in the past, who cured my mother’s carpal tunnel syndrome in a single session, now charges $200 and I really don’t like his incorporation of Reiki. I refuse to pay that kind of money for freakin’ “energy healing” when I specifically chose Rolfing because I want to have my muscles torn mercilessly from my bones. This new guy works from his apartment much as I do, and obviously passes on the savings from paying one rent instead of two to his clients (much as I do). So I have an appointment Sunday morning…he doesn’t usually work weekends, but business is that insane. Damn shame the only places to train up in Rolfing are in Boulder…I ‘d totally do it.

4 Responses

  1. So, why can’t you do it? How long is this training???

  2. Okay, the fact that you wrote, “I want to have my muscles torn mercilessly from my bones”, gives me an indication of the physical pain you’re in. I hope Rolfing resolves your issues.

  3. The pain is rarely horrendous – it’s just constant. It keeps me from working out and gives me sugar cravings. What can I say, I need a hit of happy brain chemicals and there’s no sex going on in my life these days, so Entenmanns it is. I’ve regained 25 lbs in the past 8 months, which is when this all started. Good thing I didn’t throw out all my fat clothes 😦

  4. Is this the treatment that you said makes you hurl afterward? Man I can’t imagine paying for that. I did massage therapy for TMJ problems for a few months before I decided the cure was worse than the problem!

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