Update on $140 Neck Rolfing

Thanks to DogAteMyFinances‘ comment, I went a-googling to see if I could find anywhere other than Colorado to obtain training in Rolf Structural Integration. I came across information about a school in NJ that requires you to get a session from one of their instructors before applying — and it’s FREE!!! The thing is, I actually emailed this practitioner about his hours and rates, and like the other one I didn’t follow through with, he failed to provide that info in his reply. I hate that. In any case, if I do get around to calling for a freebie – which I’ll only do if I’m seriously considering enrolment in this course – he’ll think I’m scamming.

As for pursuing a qualification in Structural Integration, I found a relatively short program about 20 miles north of where my mom lives, but I’m not sure it’s worth it – there’s a fair amount of snobbery amongst both practitioners and fans about being trained at the Guild or the Institute (both in Boulder, CO), and I wouldn’t be able to call myself a “Rolfer”. But hot damn, a 300-hour course within commuting distance that meets once a week for 7 months beats the stuffing out of an obnoxiously timetabled 18-month program 1700 miles away. And then there’s the entry requirement for the course…not sure if they’ll accept my Thai training and 5 years of self-employment. They really should, but I imagine it will depend on how much they want my money. I’m totally fantasizing about having a full schedule of $200 clients in 2010…

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  1. What load of crock that you need to be trained at the Institute to call yourself a Rolfer! In my opinion, word of mouth is more important than some b.s. certificate you get. I say go for NJ training. This sounds like a niche market that needs some filling by you.

  2. I guess you’d be a Rolf-styler. $200/hour, just wow.

  3. Well, a session is 80 minutes, not 60, and it’s really hard work – which for girls means a max of 3/day. Not that that kind of $$ is anything to sneeze at! Just don’t go multiplying $200 x 8 or even $200 x 6 and think that’s what I’d make on a daily basis. Though I think if I make this happen and it goes as well for me as it seems to for every other Rolfer in town, I could upgrade to a 2BR apartment next year. Well, a girl can dream…

  4. Hi,

    I stumbled across your blog. As one of those “snobby” Rolfing® practitioners let me put a plug in for training at The Rolf Institute. We really do have the largest faculty and 3 of the original teachers Dr. Rolf selected. Also, sounds like you have not heard of the IASI (International Association of Structural Integrators). I suggest if you don’t train at the institute that you train at an IASI approved school. We now have a certification test for all structural integration graduates and as far as I know unless your school is approved by IASI you cannot take the test.

    Let me encourage you not to sell yourself short on getting the best training you can. Good luck to you.

    The Rolf Institute http://rolf.org
    The IASI http://theiasi.org
    My blog http://www.explorethejourney.wordpress.com

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