Life might be getting in the way of travel plans

I feel like I’m in a holding pattern, waiting for the pieces to start falling into place. All I really need is for one piece to choose a place to fall so I’ll know where the rest will fit. The pieces are:

  • Career – does that Rolfing course in NJ actually exist? If so, will I qualify to participate? How much will it cost? I put out enquiries on Friday through email and voicemail, but no one has gotten back to me yet. Last year it started in the spring – March? April? May? Need to know this before making travel plans.
  • Home – I keep weighing the pros and cons of moving and I can’t make up my mind!! I’m thinking about sending my leasing agent these links to recent articles in Business Week and the New York Times (sent to me by two different clients who want to keep me around) about the Manhattan rental market in one last effort to get what I want.
  • Travel – This depends rather largely on the if/when of the Rolfing course. But also, with my lease up on March 31, a trip in April could either be perfect timing or more headache than its worth. You see, it’s extremely unlikely that I’ll be able to line up my next home before leaving, so I’d be coming back to…no home. Plus, putting stuff in storage and taking it back out a few weeks later means that the move will cost double. However, it will still be less than paying rent on an empty apartment. Oh, yeah, anther thing: subletting is losing popularity because hotel rates have taken a shocking 50% nosedive in this economy, nearly eliminating the “bargain” aspect of subletting my home. The only people interested these days want to pay less than it costs to live here, and that would leave a really bad taste in my mouth.
  • Health – I’ve been waiting nearly a year for a phlebectomy, and the jackass doctor keeps postponing and cancelling surgery dates (for everyone, not just me…or so I’ve been led to believe). I had one shot, back in September, but my insurance changed its pre-cert administration and I couldn’t get approval in time (even though I’d had it approved 5 months earlier, spit curse). Hoping to get a date for it this week, and that the date will be no later than March 10 because there are restrictions on flying for 2 weeks afterwards due to the potential for clotting. Ultimately, this will not be a deciding factor in my travels, but it has been hanging over me for so long, and I’ve been calling the doctor’s office every week for two months about this – I just want it over!

What I really need is a plausible ideal scenario to work towards, but I don’t have one – short of my landlord calling to say “we’re reducing your rent 10% instead of raising you 5-7%”. But then, I specified “plausible”, and that will never happen. I know a few people whose advice I’d like and who might even have connections to help me find a great solution…but they’re clients, not friends even though the professional relationship is a warm one. I guess, getting back to “plausible”, I should just postpone Africa until I’m settled. There is another time of year that works, but it’s the high season – I hate high season anywhere and go out of my way to avoid it. Yup, life is definitely getting in the damn way 😦


4 Responses

  1. Isn’t it weird that price is nosediving for everything but our rents? But I would probably opt to have the home situation settled before any travel. (I want to come back to my own bed.) I know subletting isn’t as lucrative as it use to be, but something is better than nothing. Good luck on the surgery. Hope you get it over with sooner rather than later.

  2. Aww, life has a way of doing that to you. I thought rents were soft in NYC, all those poor Wall Sters only got a $100k bonus instead of a $200k bonus. Have you looked around at other apts, maybe you could do better? Renting in NYC is surreal, I don’t understand the whole agent thing. Here you drive around your desired neighborhood looking for for rent signs with your cell in hand. I hope you get movement on some front so at least you can have a plan, I’m sorry your Africa trip is up in the air. I agree high season is a bad time, both from a cost standpoint and the enjoyment factor.

  3. I think you just have to make some decisions and stick to them. If you keep waiting for this or that to happen to make the decision, it may never happen. And you will probably feel a lot better once you’ve decided one way or the other. Take control Money Mate Kate! You can do it! Decide your own destiny!!


  4. I had to read this post because of the title–I constantly feel like “life” (or what I like to call “unlife,” work, mundane everyday things like grocery shopping and cleaning) gets in the way of what I really want to do–write, play music, travel, read, etc.
    Anyway, you sounds like you’re on your way to minimizing unlife, which is definitely my goal too. Don’t give up!

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