Movie ticket bonus for me

Dani, my blogosphere cook-at-the-shelter buddy, suggested I check out for good guidance on deals at my fave pharmacy. So I stumbled across this great offer published in this week’s People magazine – mail in your CVS receipt with a qualifying L’Oreal purchase and get a free movie ticket (click here for more details). I have four qualifying receipts and will be submitting them on behalf of myself, my mother and my sisters. They can keep them or, in the case of my sisters, mail them to me if they don’t have a participating theater nearby. I’m not counting on that though – they’re the world’s worst at mailing anything. Seriously, I get birthday cards randomly in the mail from 3 years ago that they just got around to mailing.

Wow, I got 3 foundations, 3 blushes, 4 lipsticks and 4 movie tickets for $4!!!


4 Responses

  1. Hi Kate,

    How were you able to do the deal on the movie tickets? Teach me pretty please?

    Thank you,


  2. Mona, it’s pretty easy (assuming it works, since I won’t know until the tickets actually arrive) – you don’t even need to be in the CVS Extra Care program to pull this off. If you were to do it this week…lip products are B1G1F and True Match is Buy Foundation Get Blush or Concealer Free (same-ish $ value). So you’re looking at either $9 or $11 depending on which deal you pick. You can apply at least 2 x $2 coupons if you have them, bringing your outlay down to $5-7. I also found that the $3/2 skincare products worked in addition to the $2 coupons, so now you’re looking at $2-4. Because I was doing this with my $5/$30 weekend coupons, proportionately about $3 of that free $5 applied to the cosmetics…which is how I came up with the $4 figure for 4 tickets and ton of L’Oreal products. For the how-to and qualifying products/dates info, check the links in my post. You’ve got about 6 weeks to look for the best L’Oreal deals, no need to rush out.

  3. Pretty cool! Who doesn’t love a deal.

  4. You are so good at the CVS deals, it’s frightening. Yet somehow, I feel like I need a math degree to figure it out. (Me so jealous)

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