My Drugstore Harem

Last week I posted about cheating on CVS by picking up a Single Check Rebate item at Rite Aid. I really wasn’t going to get too into the Rite Aid program, but then today I got a $5-off-$20 coupon via email. Oh yes, they’re sucking me in good.

And then someone left a comment suggesting I give the Walgreen’s program a shot while I was at it. Mm, not that crazy about building up a big rebate only to somehow screw it up and end up out of pocket for stuff I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on to begin with. However, it looks like they’ll be changing their program in the next couple of months…good.

I also stumbled across MonaShopsForFree, by a woman who has CVS cards for herself, her boyfriend, and someone else (brother?), who all get a kick out of, well, watching her live up to her blog’s name! So I offered my sisters a free movie ticket from that L’Oreal deal if they let me get cards on their behalf – they live in Colorado, where there are no CVS branches. No one got back to me for 2 days, so I picked one and signed her up without consent. If she whines about it, I’ll just shut her up with a box of free make-up, styling products, cold meds, Lindor truffles, hand lotion and ibuprofen.

I also ordered 10 BOGO coupons for Stayfree for $2.35 off eBay to take advantage of the month-long CVS sale (it makes them free, so that’s 20 packs of pads for $2.35 plus whatever sales tax might apply) – if Manhattan just got the same coupons that the rest of the country gets, I wouldn’t have to do this, grr. That should keep all of the real girls (as opposed to the trannies) at the teen shelter supplied for a month. I’m gradually learning all the things you can avoid ever paying for:  shampoo/conditioner, batteries, toothpaste, deodorant, pads/tampons, razors. Yay!

This is what happens when I have a slow week of work – I acquire a “harem” of drugstore cheapie programs so I can go shopping without spending more than couch cushion coinage.

Update:  Out of boredom this evening, I attacked Rite Aid with my $5/$20 coupon. I paid $10.53 and will be getting $5.50 back in assorted rebates, making the net cost $5.03 for 2 boxes of Kellogg Smart Start cereal, 2 bags of Lindt truffles, a 40ct bag of store-brand cough drops, Almay eyeshadow, CG mascara, and 2 rolls of Bounty Basic paper towels. And that sums up my Friday fun (and I’m serious, how sad is that).


4 Responses

  1. Hey I spent my night watching wife swap and super nanny, I’d say yours was more productive. I almost fell asleep at 7:30 I was so tired. I hate rite aid with a passion, the one near my work is a madhouse (literally, at least one crazy causing a scene every time). You’re great with the couponing.

  2. Kate, I live in San Diego and I’d be happy to mail you my coupons! Email me if you’re interested– I’m not a stalker, I promise.

  3. hi kate!

    omg! im surprised and excited that you put me in your blog. you’re so coool! did you know about the mylanta deal? go go go and run to your cvs!

    anyway, the three cvs cards i have belongs to my DBF, me and my housemate who is my co-worker. I know that there’s supposed to be one card per household, but at the time that he got his card, i wasn’t living with him yet, so i’m safe! lol.

    thank you so much for visiting my blog. i love reading your articles too.

  4. I get excited about the CVS stuff too….there are no Walgreens or RiteAid where I live.

    There is nothing wrong with getting excited about what you can get for free. Free is good.

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