More Couponic Capers

I had a really slow day…just one client, and nothing else pressing. And there I was, sitting on a pile of new coupon circulars …

  • I started off the morning with doormat/dumpster diving for coupons.
  • After giving a midday massage, I got a call from my mom, who was preparing to do two of the CVS deals I couldn’t last weekend. Once she stopped acting like the ditzy blonde she isn’t (blonde yes, ditzy no), she had no problem pulling it off. It helped that half of what I wanted was out of stock, so she got a raincheck, 4 Glade candles, and some 6-hour energy shot drinks for $2 cash.
  • An hour later, she called to moan about how she’d done my Shoprite order (2 Speedsticks, 1 Colgate, 2 bottles of Robitussin, 5 x 10-packs of Bic razors) with her weekly shopping and left a small bag behind – the deo, the toothpaste, and some Good’n’Plenty she picked up for work. She called the store, but no luck…the woman behind her probably picked it up with her stuff. On the plus side, ShopRite allowed the overage on the razors, which means the total for my order was just $1.25, mostly sales tax.
  • Then I hit up Rite Aid for a deal with the $5/$20 email coupon…paid out $10.09 (3 boxes of cereal, 4 cans of tuna, Almay eyeshadow, L’Oreal clearance foundation, cough drops) and will get back $5.50 in rebates.
  • Last night I picked up the store-brand version of Vaseline Intensive Care (net cost $1) and signed up the sister known here as Starfish for the CVS Extra Care card. Today, I did her first transaction (that same $1 lotion plus the baby aspirin special) so I could get the ball rolling on her “give us your email” $4/$20 coupon.
  • I continued walking a whole 2 blocks to Walgreens, where I mostly got rainchecks for all of their monthly rebate freebies that were on special this week. They’re about to change their program, so I’ll need to give some thought to requesting a check or a Walgreens gift card (comes with a 10% bonus). I was going to double up and have a set of rebates done in my mom’s name, but it’s kind of a lot of money to lay out when you’re not sure how easy it is to screw up and get nothing back. If I understand correctly, I’ll get back $32 but will have only laid out $25 thanks to all the coupons.
  • I exchanged a few emails with “MM”, who commented on my previous post and offered to send me her coupon inserts. Yay, more P&G BrandSavers! I only have access to one copy, and that stuff is always on special somewhere.
  • Stuff I’ll actually keep from all this: 1 box of cereal, 1 pack of razors, 2 Glade candles

Yes, this day sounds super-boring. But I’ve been having huge problems controlling my eating and getting in some exercise, and doing all this kept my mind off food and got me out for 3.5 miles of walking. It cost me $21 out of pocket, $14.50 of which I’ll be getting back. So the net cost is $6.50…that’s about 1/2 the price of a Weight Watchers meeting. Score!


7 Responses

  1. I wish I could walk to shop!! I’m so jealous. Our weather is in the 70’s today. It would have been perfect. I’m not up for a 40-miler round trip though.

  2. Dude that day sounds super fun!

    Soon you’ll be preparing small “parting gift” bags for people who come visit 😉

    Don’t forget Rite Aid’s deals for this week – free Durex and Garnier plus coupons for overage!

  3. too funny! trying to follow your coupon capers is not always easy though. i guess Anny missed that you’d already done the free shampoo at Rite Aid. I did that one too, my first Rite Aid deal, but you one upped me with the coupon that i couldn’t find/didn’t think to look for. of course, AFTER i got the shampoo the coupon showed up on-line. do you read couponcravings? she’s back east too so a lot of that stuff doesn’t work on the west, but you seem to come up with even more deals than she does. i expect the pro’s will be picking you up soon. you never seem to run out of blog material. and it’s all hilarious!

  4. p.s. i had that Rite Aid coupon posted on my website. i ran through there on my lunch hour friday and didn’t see a darn thing i wanted to buy. ours is kinda pricey though and no clearance to speak of, except the after holiday, after season specials. those i never miss!

  5. Anny – alas, I have no use for the Durex stuff 😦 , but I have every intention of doing the Garnier deal [Note to JustPassingThrough – there’s a second deal this week, on a different Garnier hair product than 2 weeks ago].

    JustPassingThrough – I’m not sure if I want to get into listing everything the way lots of others do. Nothing wrong with that, but it tends to be done by people whose blogs are entirely about frugality, whereas mine is a bit more of a mishmosh. I don’t read couponcravings, but perhaps I should! Not sure I want the pros to pick me up…then the actual pharmacies do, and I’ll find out that some of the stuff I do is against the rules and I’ll be banned or something. I don’t deliberately try to skirt the rules – but I don’t call attention to things I’m not sure about. Also, there’s a $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon good for the next 5 weeks, can be used as much as you want…it’s on the NBA site.

  6. I’ve been starving the last few days. I’ve already eaten my breakfast and all my snacks and it’s just 9am. All willpower is currently gone. Email me your address, I didn’t keep the envelope. I have a P&G insert for you 🙂

  7. VERY cool! thanks so much for the tips!! yes, i see your point about the pro’s. i wasn’t necessarily saying you WOULD want that, just always nice to have options. and basically i was just saying you’re an excellent blogger. i’ve haven’t been reading as much lately, but i don’t recall ever seeing you post a boring blog. it always seems to be a fun three ring circus!

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