Rite Aid Couponics

I’ve been resisting the pressure to go into great detail about the coupon/shopping games I play at assorted pharmacies, out of fear that they’d take over my blog. However, I get a lot of questions about the details of the deals I do, so here’s my first attempt to give in…blog-002

Items purchased
$3.09 – 1 gallon of milk
$1.99 – 1/2 gallon of milk
$5.97 – 3 x 24ct Bayer aspirin
$2.99 – Nivea lip care
$3.00 – 6 jars of spices
$2.99 – Finesse conditioner
$4.00 – 8 Hershey bars
$   .69 – Sally Hansen nail polish
$   .47 – Sales tax
$25.19 TOTAL before coupons

Coupons used
– $5/$25 purchase coupon (online at NBA.com, good thru 3/13/09)
– $5 Bayer printable coupons (2 x $2, 1 x $1)
– $2.50 B1G1 Hershey’s (accidentally put one extra through)
$12.22 TOTAL after coupons + sales tax adjustments

Rebates expected:
$1.99 for Finesse
$2.00 for Nivea
$10 gift card for 3 Bayer products
$13.99 TOTAL Rebates due mid-March

Net cost:  $1.77 profit

For me:  1/2 gallon milk, 3 spices, 2 Hershey bars ($4 worth of stuff)
Everything else will be donated.


6 Responses

  1. Thank you for this! I need to see some real-world examples of how it works before I feel ready to jump on in.

  2. If you ever want me to show you the ropes in person, just let me know and I’ll “hold your hand” through your first foray. It’s easy to make mistakes at first (heck, even the experts mess up sometimes!), and I recommend CVS because it’s not a rebate system, and so requires the smallest “start-up” outlay.

  3. Hello Moneymate Kate author,

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    So I have a little offer for you.

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  4. See, that is why I send my coupons to you and let you go work your magic. I’m not a great couponer. I can’t believe you come out positive after all that.

  5. You’re so lucky that your store accepts printable coupons! Only CVS does that here 😦

  6. just awesome!! 🙂

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