Multiple Coupasms… ahhh

This is a tale of two pharmacies, two MMK blog readers, and two dollars.

This afternoon, I hit Rite Aid to drive another teensy nail in their coffin, and it went a little something like this:

$  2.99 for Garnier Fructis hairspray
$  2.99 for Finesse shampoo
$  2.99 for Nivea lipcare
$13.58 for 2 x 32ct Stayfree Ultra Thins
$  5.97 for 3 x Bayer aspirin bonus packs (3 x 48ct)
$30.16 Total with Sales Tax

Coupons Used
-$5-off-$25 internet coupon
-$1 Garnier Fructis
-$6.79 Stayfree BOGO
– $6 (3 x $2) Rite Aid/Bayer internet coupons
-$18.79 in Coupons
= $11.37 TOTAL Paid after sales tax adjustments

Rebates due
$6.98 for Garnier Fructis, Finesse, Nivea
$10 Gift Card for Buy 3 Bayer promo

Net cost:  $5.61 profit

When I got back to my building and collected my mail, what should appear in my cubby? Not one, but TWO envelopes from Miss M and MusicMc**** full of fantastic coupons – including two (Nivea & Finesse) that I could have used at Rite Aid. Doh! Guess I’ll just have to do two more rounds in my sisters’ names! So a big thanks to my fellow bloglodytes for the warm fuzzies it gives me to get help overcoming my Manhattan coupon “handicap” to make the homeless and domestic violence shelters of NYC a bit more comfortable.

Then, just an hour later, what should appear in my inbox? An all-you-can-use (at least, that’s how I interpret it, heh) $5-off-$30 purchase coupon for CVS effective through Sunday. Of course, I had to go straight out to use one, mostly because I wanted to find out if my $5 ECB that was questionably returned to me would work (it did!). I also learned that as long as the cashier could be convinced to try to scan it, the $5/$30 coupon would work on the original total even after the cardmember discount prices kicked in. Phew, because that took my $31.09 total down to $18.78.

$  9.99 ($2 off with card) EarRinse spray
$  3.78 ($1.78 off with card) Wheat Thins + Ritz
$15.98 ($7.99 with BOGO deal) Revlon lip creme
$31.09 Total “shelf price”, $17.98 Total sales price

Coupons used
-$5-off-$30 CVS email coupon
-$4 (2 x $2) Revlon coupons
-$2/2 Nabisco coupons
-$5 ECB
$16 Coupons used
= $1.98 Out of pocket expenditure, with $7.99 new ECBs earned (+$2.99 on previous balance)
…plus a $2-off-$10 printout from the Magic Red Machine, whee!

Net cost:  $.99 profit

And for the first time, I called my mom to catch up and SHE was the first to bring up CVS and coupons. I was determined not to because it drives her nuts…or so I thought. Either she’s getting into it, or she’s sucking up because she wants me to Thai her during this weekend’s visit. Both are equally plausible.

…And this just in…a $10-off-$30 purchase at Rite Aid this Friday & Saturday. Giddy-up!


5 Responses

  1. Glad they arrived! Make some donations!

  2. I was just heading over here to give you the $10 off $30 and boy you’re already on it! And I remember when you thought you sucked at this coupon thing! Didn’t take YOU long to ramp up. 🙂

  3. Aww, too bad they didn’t arrive earlier. When I saw your list I knew I sent you coupons for some of those items. They didn’t take too long to get cross country at least and I’m glad you can still make use of them. You are great at the coupon game, I think it’s funny you got your mom addicted too. Saving money is fun, hard to imagine why some people look down on coupons (story in the local paper).

  4. You are a flippin’ NINJA.

  5. I love when I make money from shopping. I once bought a phone that was free after contract and it actually came with a 10$ rebate!
    Nice work~

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