Rite Aid Cashier: “Is that the best you can do?”

I love shopping in the suburbs…shop staff are less harried, they deal with fewer freakazoids, and they have a lot of experience administering their coupon programs. Here in NYC, the cashiers hand your coupon back if it beeps and tell you “too bad” because most of them just don’t feel like typing in the code. I have to deal with “this is a photocopy and they’re illegal” (accompanied by a matching look of suspicion and contempt) when I hand over a print-out from an email promo directly from the store. Um…no, it’s just a bit pale because the damn thing is in color on the computer and I only have a B&W printer.

But then I went to a Rite Aid where my mom lives in NJ, and put together a $32 order to qualify for the $10-off-$30 deal and ended up paying $7.40 (which I will get back in rebates PLUS a $10 gift card). As I stood there with my cheesy smile, all pleased with myself, Evan the cashier joke-scoffed at me, “Is that the best you can do? I just had a lady who walked off with $140 worth of stuff for $4.” My mom and I were shocked – he was clearly throwing down the gauntlet! So I’ve decided that whenever I visit my mom, I’ll hit that Rite Aid on Saturday late-afternoon to keep getting Evan until he is duly impressed. Plus there’s nothing better than a cashier who WANTS to see you bring that bill down to $0!

And then there’s CVS. Not only are there 4x as many pages in the non-Manhattan circulars, but strangely the BOGO deals don’t ring up both items against your total (they do elsewhere), which is really really useful for getting you to the $30 you need to spend pre-coupons in order to use a $5-off-$30 coupon. I tried to speak to a manager about this at my local Manhattan store, but all I got was a sneer and a very obvious lack of knowledge about their policies and ECB program (not just about the BOGO – I understand that things can be different, but the rest of what he said was nonsensical). And then, at the quiet, well-stocked store near my mom, I get Lisa. I love Lisa. I think she’s really an assistant manager or something, and a total pro at working the deals. She even scanned two of my $5/$30 coupons on my first order because I had two high-value ECBs that were going to mess up my ability to minimize the out-of-pocket expense. I really want to figure out a way to thank Lisa that won’t get her in trouble.

So here’s my haul for the holiday weekend, Friday thru Monday, at CVS and Rite Aid. Value of items are based on sale prices, not shelf – after all, who would pay that anyway?

Cost of items:  $265
Out-of-pocket:  $19.50
Pending RA rebates:  $17
Net change in ECBs:  -$1
Net cost:  $3.50

What I got for the $$ (purple = item kept for me, not donated) at CVS & Rite Aid:

7 Colgate toothpastes (2)
4 Herbal Essence shampoo/conditioner
5 Gillette shampoo/conditioner
4 Theraflu
6 Suave shower gel (1)
4 Stayfree pads, total of 100
1 Carefree liners
1 J&J adhesive bandages
6 Bayer aspirin, 220 tabs total (48 for mom, 24 for me)
1 storebrand version of Zyrtec
2 storebrand version of Pepto Bismol on clearance
2 Garnier Fructis styling products
2 Finesse shampoo/conditioner
2 Nivea lip balm
6 L’Oreal HIP eye shadow & color sticks
5 L’Oreal HIP lip products
1 Always pads, 14ct
1 Excedrin, 100 caps
2 Folgers coffee
5 Wheat Thins, half-box (3)
3 Ritz, half-box
1 Fusion Gamer razor
2 CVS make-up removal pads, 50 total
2 RA aspirin, 500 tabs total
10 Hershey/Reese’s bars (4)
2 Arizona Iced Tea big cans
1 Trident gum (mom)
1 Garnier Nutrisse hair dye (mom)
3.5 Gallons of milk (1/2 gal)

Too many of my posts lately have been about about coupon games, so we will return to regularly scheduled programming for the rest of the week.


5 Responses

  1. hi kate!

    i just love my favorite cvs because i am their fave customer! lol. i show my gratitude for their superb customer service by giving them some of my haul like listerine, sally hansen nail polish, and protein bars. my favorite asst mgr, frank is the best of them all. he processes my returns so quickly and always greet me whenever i step in their store.

    you can actually give them items that you don’t need or have a lot of and it won’t get them in trouble. what they do is show their manager that they got it from a customer who bought it and they’re cleared! 🙂

  2. Surprisingly I am enjoying your coupon stories but that is because they are stories. There are too many other blogs that just post a pict of the loot with the numbers and that is boring. Plus, I love all that you are donating to the teen shelter.

  3. That cashier is hilarious, throwing down the gauntlet. It’s nice to hear they support the customers in the coupon game, some can be rude and unhelpful. I hope you were able to use a few of the coupons I sent 🙂

  4. HeHe- my friend does the coupon clipping but I have yet to wrap my mind around it.

  5. I love it when cashiers and store employees go out of their way to give their customers the best deal possible. Evan and Lisa sound like keepers. I enjoy your couponing adventures too, even if it makes me jealous.

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