Time for a couple of Customer Service emails

A few years ago, my best friend picked up a new Venus Divine razor and cartridges, only to find that she hated it. She had a lot of time on her hands back then, so she called the customer service number and asked if they guaranteed her satisfaction or her money back, because she wanted her money back. Gillette sent her a bunch of coupons for her original Venus supplies, like for a free pack of cartridges or something like that. I’d kind of forgotten about that until a couple of weeks ago, when I told her that I suspected Gillette of a conspiracy to phase out the original Venus in favor of its new 5-blade Embrace line. The last pack or two of blade cartridges SUCKED – like the first shave felt like the third or fourth. That pisses me off for such a pricey product, and is one of the reasons why I’ve started picking up other razor deals, like Bic Soleil, when they’re available free through one of my couponic adventures. Anyway, today I dropped their customer service an email complaining about the lapse in quality of their product. I honestly feel that I deserve a pack of replacement blades, because I’d get a better shave from a 20-cent Good News disposable these days than I could get from a $2.25 Venus blade.

Then tonight I went to do a deal with a $5/$20 coupon at Rite Aid, and the only cashier whose knowledge I trust told me that this store no longer accepts them, local management decision. Plus, they’ve been instructed that any of the coupons printed from the Rite Aid website or emails that don’t scan are not to be entered manually – too bad, tough luck (she didn’t say that, but I can picture the shift manager saying it with a sneer). Yeah…those coupons for overpriced storebrand stuff that are designed in color and print out blurrily in black and white. So I dropped Rite Aid an email describing my experience and asking if they were actually allowed to opt out just like that.

And now for the reverse possibility … I’m worried I may have pissed off CVS, though I don’t know if they’ll be able to figure out that it’s me. I was using the self-service kiosk to check out (because they base your total on full-price, which is handy for $/$$ coupons), and the coupon bin was apparently full. I’d scan it and stick it in the slot, and it wouldn’t register as having been deposited. So I got out my unused Rite Aid printed coupon that I wasn’t allowed to use, folded it, and used its stiffness to push down the coupon – and then lost my grip. So at the end of the night, they’re going to open the coupon box and find this non-coupon crap and think that someone just cheated by depositing random scrap paper instead of the coupon. And then if they look too closely at my transaction, they’ll find out that I used a $2-off-$10 of CVS products coupon for non-CVS products (I don’t actually feel bad about that – I guess my ethics are a bit convoluted). You know the next time I scan my Extra Care card anywhere in that store, a siren will sound, a red light will flash, and a big metal portcullis will descend over the door. All of this because I was trying to get my mom’s new card up-and-running with some money-making ECB deals. Maybe I’ll frequent the other CVS in my neighborhood for a while, just in case I’m right about the portcullis…


3 Responses

  1. I’ve been having the same trouble with Gillette, so please update us on the result of your email! I thought it was just me. I’ve been considering the switch to a new brand because Venus isn’t what it used to be, but the price is still a bit high. I had always consoled myself in the fact that those blades lasted me a good while. Now I feel like the length of time they’re worth anything has shortened AND they’re not doing nearly as good a job as they used to.

    As far as Rite Aid goes, most of those stores have that disclaimer that says “At participating locations only,” so I imagine you’ll get some canned response stating something like that. However, I’ve noticed a lot of places are taking that stance on the internet coupons – if they won’t scan, you can’t use them. I will occasionally find coupons that I will actually use online and I went into my local grocery store and was told the same thing. Fortunately, all of mine scanned because I’m pretty sure I would have asked for a manager and made them honor the coupon. But, there was no need for any drastic measures on my part.

  2. Oh man, the coupon cops are after you. I can’t believe the store would not accept store coupons?? Are they franchises, I don’t think so. I hope you get a satisafactory response from their customer service.

  3. Kristy – Yup, that’s exactly my own justification for having a Venus as well as my own experience with the blades lately. And that Rite Aid $-off-$$ says in large bold type “ANY Rite Aid”. I checked.

    Miss M – I hope to hear from them soon because the shelter I donate to is completely out of deodorant. Like it doesn’t suck enough to be a homeless teenager, but stinky too? Ugh. And Rite Aid has a deal on 4 Speedsticks that, with the $/$$ will essentially make them free and I can do the deal 3-4x. That should make a dent in the teen stench issue! The next nearest Rite Aid is actually quite a walk, but I might call…it’s just that the NYC staff (esp managers)at pharmacies tend to be belligerent to disguise their utter cluelessness.

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