Update: Rite Aid Customer Service

Well, I must say, I’m impressed.

I emailed their customer service late Tuesday night about rejecting their own coupons as “new store policy”, and when I didn’t hear back, I called the 800 number this afternoon (2 minutes later I got a follow-up email to my online complaint…figures). The rep promised that the regional manager would call me within 24 hours. He actually called 2 hours later while I was with a client and left me a detailed voicemail. I contacted his assistant, who obviously called the local store manager immediately because my phone rang 5 minutes later. He apologized for my experience, I expressed understanding that the staff were mystified and therefore suspicious of the coupon, he said he’d make sure they were all aware that these things are legitimate. He asked the name of the cashier who gave me a hard time, but I played dumb – I’m telling you, Gipsys is by far the smartest, most helpful member of their entire cashier/stock staff who now recognizes me on sight with a smile and a wave. She did not lie to me – it was clearly a store politics situation where the manager was looking to save face, so I didn’t give her name and instead mentioned a very unpleasant assistant manager who works Mondays…and whom I intimidated into accepting my coupons with an icy tone and educated vocabulary that was very much at odds with my semi-bedraggled appearance (I always look bedraggled, it’s a choice – it keeps me safe from unwanted male attention…yeah, issues, whatever).

Still, I think I’ll spread the coupon love around two Rite Aids, because I do manage to get a $20 order for less money than I’ll get back in rebates – a convoluted way of saying “for a profit”. I was actually feeling a little guilty about this coupon behavior, given Rite Aid’s dire economic circumstances, but I was watching CNBC earlier and CVS just put in a great quarterly report — and I’d go so far as to say more people work that system than any other. I figured that’s why Rite Aid started putting out $5-off-$20 coupons…because it works so well for CVS.

Uh-oh, I’m turning into one of those pain-in-the-ass coupon crazies, aren’t I. Well, in my defense, it’s not like I’m arguing over 50 cents…my last order involved the rejection of 3 x $5 coupons. That’s not pocket change to most folks.


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  1. Sneaky, giving the asst managers name instead. I once got a bit angry at a guy who was just the bearer of the news, not in any way responsible for the sudden policy change. I apologised and said he should have the manager out here explaining why the price suddenly shot up without notice. I’m glad you got some decent customer service at least.

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