Self-employed and Semi-laid off

Yeah, business is not exactly booming. When companies lay off their employees, their employees in turn lay me off (um…is it just me, or does that turn of phrase sound oddly perverted?).  My income has taken a ~30% hit, which means there’s not a lot of wiggle room in my budget. Of course, things will be improving in the expense column over the next few months as I switch insurance associations and move a block or two down the road…we’re talking a $200-$500/month savings. That’s really not easy to do in this city or even this state, and it means I’ll be able to keep up contributions to my Roth IRA or, worst case scenario, take a bigger hit on my income.

Let me ponder aloud…or at least, let me ramble on the ol’ keyboard here…

I keep going back and forth over the idea of learning Rolf Structural Integration. I can’t get the school in NJ to return my calls or emails, but there are programs going on according to the Rolfer I exchanged services with last week (he teaches it). I’m also tempted by a March 15 start date at one of the big schools in Boulder, but the location, schedule and price tag are very off-putting. I’m 90% sure it would be worth the money and worth a student loan (which, knowing myself pretty well, I’d pay off in a year), but dealing with my living situation is another story. Not only would I have another 7 week session looming over me, but I’d be looking for a June 1 lease on a small apartment – like every recent college grad out there. Even in a soft rental market like this, it would not be fortuitous timing. I’d also want the Institute to waive the 3-month mandatory “gap” between the 2nd and 3rd training segments because the next two sets of dates coincide with my busiest periods. There would, instead, be a 5-6 week gap, during which I can either take my much-desired trip to Africa (though I doubt it, because of the $$), or I might be able to sublet a friendly client’s spare apartment if it’s available and at least self-sustain (two massages for him on average plus I have at least one guy who will see me every week no matter where I am in the city…there’s half the rent/utilities/health insurance right there). Of course, all of this is probably moot because I’m pretty sure the registration deadline for March 15 is long past. Really, I just want the school in NJ to freaking call me back and tell me that the program is still active and give me the next starting date!

The sooner I can transition from eeking out a living doing regular massage stuff to turning away clients because I’m booked to the max at a 50% higher rate, the better. I really want to un-lay myself off (again, that sounds a bit pervy).


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  1. Maybe fixing your attitude would also help bring in some clients.

  2. I’m disappointed that it took 8 whole hours for The Mommy Brigade to start sniping, and even more disappointed that it was so…unoriginal. It’s barely a step above name-calling.

  3. LOL, Miss M. When I read something offensive on someone’s blog, I just stop reading his blog. (For example, the guy who boasted about how he threw out his cat.) Anyhow, these Taliban-Couponers must have nothing better to do. Lucky them.
    Anyhoo, going back to MMK’s comment – – I guess the bright side of a slow business is that you have the time to acquire additional skills, even if it means taking on student loans. Student loans aren’t evil so long as you use them wisely.

  4. Here’s what I did the first week I got laid off. I ditched my cell phone.

    Well, it wasn’t hard. I had a company phone but I had the option of keeping it and start paying for it on my own.

    I thought prepaid phones might be funky but did some shopping and found out that I could still get a good, no-frills phone for around 20-30 dollars and didn’t have to sign a contract or even have a credit card or credit check.

    It turned out that I got a phone from net10 and I’m VERY happy with it and can really control my costs.

    I don’t give the number out to everyone and that helps too, and I can control the costs up-front. Sweet!

  5. Is there any PT work available at spas or is that out of the question? A friend of mine makes as much as I do, works almost half as much as I do and just bought a condo with her husband. She’s the lead massage therapist at some fancy spa in a rich area. ANYHOO…you’ve probably already thought of that.

  6. I got rid of my iPhone. Sold it on eBay for just about what I paid for it. Canceled my AT&T contract and got Straight Talk on the Verizon network. Bought it at Walmart and it’s an amazing deal. The Samsung Finesse is a very cool smartphone and paying only $45 a month for unlimited everything is the best deal going!

    Who needs an iPhone? LOL!!

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