A new laptop for MMK

A few months ago, I posted a list of a bunch of things I either wanted or needed to buy in the near future. This afternoon, I bought one: a laptop. My current one is fast approaching its 3rd birthday and it’s starting to behave like the last one did before it bit the dust – hot all time, whirring loudly like it’s straining, freezing up more times in a day than I can count. I got a “4-hour sale” email from Dell, logged in through my mom’s United Airlines mall arrangement so she’d get the last few miles she needs for a free ticket (yay!), and bagged a machine with about 12x the RAM (or whatever the hell it’s called now – DDR? memory?) of my current machine for $600 ($529 + shipping + tax, yuck). None of the online coupon codes I googled worked…oh well.

So my current laptop will go into genteel retirement, to be used when I travel or when the new one acts up. There’s just no way I was going to wait until it completely burnt up because it would have too big an impact on my business and add way too much stress to my life until the new one arrived – and I’d be over a barrel about expedited shipping fees and taking a pre-built machine that probably has more crap on it than I want, therefore costing more. Not to mention all the time and money spent hopping in and out of the local Tasty-D-Lite for internet access.


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  1. That is pretty cheap, I need a new computer soon. My desktop is at least 5 years old and having the exact same problems you describe. Alas the laptop fund is not yet full, I’ve committed to saving up the money first. That’s what blogging does to you. Before I would have slapped it on the credit card and called it a day.

  2. Miss M and I have both been looking to buy a new laptop. Sounds like you got a good price and you helped out mum in the process. And I agree that if you use your computer for business, you need to a backup before your current one goes on the fritz.

  3. My old Dell Laptop is just shy 8 years old and it takes about 2.5 hours just to boot up and work properly. I’m hoping after my vacation I’ll be able to get a new one. that’s a great price for a Dell. I’m looking at an HP or refubrished Sony Vaio

    Love your blog to, I’ve been reading it for a while

  4. I’m changing the subject for a minute – saw a post for some expired coupons up for grabs and I remember you send them overseas. Maybe you want them?


    And for what’s it’s worth I did find a code somewhere for 15% off Dell if anybody wants me to re-find it. Not great but better than none. And there could be some better ones that are out there. I didn’t look too hard and could try again…

  5. oh dear. my first message has disappeared which makes the second message make no sense! was asking if this is where you send your expired coupons. let me see if i posted the first message someplace else. it had another comment about dell in it!

  6. okay, my first message never got posted somehow. it was a link to some expired coupons up for grabs that i thought you might want since you did mention you send them overseas. i can ask this person if they’re manufacturers’ coupons or IP ones if you want…


    i had another comment about dell codes and a 15% off code that i’d found but i’ll have to go re-find it if somebody needs it. here are some i just found now, but i remember you posted you hadn’t found any that worked.


    sorry i’m rambling. definitely time for bed!

  7. JPT – nope, can’t find your Dell comment anywhere. And yes, I do send my expireds to one of the bases on that list: Okinawa. However, I think I’m going to cease that activity because I think most of the coupons I get are more than a little eclectic, and I have a feeling that they don’t get our frozen foods, meats, or anything the least bit perishable. So what am I going to send – 500 coupons for hair dye and soup? Seems like a lot of effort for minimal usefulness. I’ll just do an occasional random or not-so-random act of kindness with the good ones.

  8. my fourth message disappeared too! this morning it dawned on me that maybe the posting system didn’t like that i’d thrown in multiple links. i’m gonna try again one link at a time. this is somebody who was offering up expired coupons that you may or may not be interested in…


  9. my messages keep going off to the ethers! was trying to tell you that freestufftimes/forums has a very active coupon trading section. one lady posted expiring coupons that she’d send out if somebody wanted them. plus there was a LONG list of coupons one lady was trading. i had also looked for dell codes the other day. know it’s too late for you but i see some other people were about to shop. wanted to check if the codes i found were the ones you’d already tried that didn’t work. let me see if THIS message gets through first!!

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