Assorted Customer Service and Freebie Updates

Sorry for the blog silence – I just wanted to give the coupon ninnies a chance to forget about me, and figured lack of content might help. Besides, I was visiting my mom in NJ this weekend, where I got my free chiropractic adjustment, took her to lunch, and then did some rampant shopping for almost-free…

CVS:  Unfortunately, my visits did not coincide with my favorite cashier/asst manager, and the girl I got was fairly new and doing things by the book. I felt bad for her – one of her co-workers kept getting all impatient and snippy with her, undeservedly. The deals for last week and this week weren’t that great, so I didn’t walk off with half the store for $3 or anything like that. But I did one of my favorite things: using BOGO coupons to “fill up” the amount I need to have before coupons in order to use my $5-off-$30 coupon. I had a ton of Stayfree ones, so my closets currently look like I won a lifetime supply of girlie products – for someone 10 years younger than me!

Rite Aid:  I contacted their corporate office and regional office by phone and email about not being allowed to use a $5-off-$20 coupon at the beginning of a purchase, pre-coupons. As expected, the store manager backed up the manager who declined it even though she was very obviously winging her interpretation. There’s no point butting heads there – clearly the manager has a storewide policy of finding every possible excuse to decline coupons. In other Rite Aid experiences, my mother took me to one near her that is located in a “depressed area”, which means they only charge half the sales tax. She pays attention to the strangest things.

Zone Perfect bars:  I understand this is somehow related to a nut recall, but they’ve got a Buy 1 Get 3 Free coupon you can print after joining their site – another great opportunity to fill up those $5/$30 coupons for “free”. Bonus: even though I told the very new CVS cashier (here in NYC) that she should fill in $4.77 on the coupon (3 x $1.59), she input the maximum coupon value of $5.10 and did the same with the Stayfree BOGOs. I know, it’s just pennies, but they basically made my Arizona Big Can free. Teehee.

Gillette/Venus customer service:  After complaining about the recent dullness of their blade cartridges, they sent me a 4-pack of Venus Divine blades. Nice! Hopefully they’ll be decent.

ShopRite:  Love the ongoing double-coupon policy. This is the one thing my mom doesn’t mind doing for me because it’s straightforward – I send/give her the coupons, she buys the products. Last week’s Kotex deal resulted in 6 packages of products for $6, get $5 off your next order plus a free reuseable green grocery bag. Apparently she’s wanted one of these for a while, and now she’s got two (did the deal once on her card, once on mine). This week’s will result in 4 boxes of Chex cereal, 4 Sure deodorants, and a box of rice for $2. Oh, and I made her a little happy with an unsual coupon match-up – she likes the Puffs tissues inbued with Vicks, and there was a 3-pack for $5. I gave her a $1 off any Vicks product coupon to try, and it worked.

Kraft freebie coupons:  I “won” some coupons (I think anyone who signed up for the game got them), which turned out to be “free up to a value of $$” for cheese (Kraft, Polly-O, etc), Planters nuts, and a box of Nabisco crackers. I haven’t used them yet, but again, all except the cheese with help with those $/$$ coupons.

Suave freebie coupon:  In January, there was a one-day sign-up-for-a-coupon-for-a-free-product deal, and I signed up. Never got the coupon though, and it was due to expire 2/28. Oh well.

Mentos Gum:  I bought a little container as a filler at CVS for $1.29 and used a $1 coupon. Glad it was practically free – the flavor dies in 2 minutes. I’ll stick with fruity Extra (got on a BOGO last month) for help with my sweets cravings. I’ve never been a gum-chewer, so this is a new habit – and a good one. I just don’t chew in front of anyone, and never while working.

Single Check Rebates:  The month ended, and I submitted my rebates (as well as a few on behalf of other family members) online to Rite Aid for the first time – hopefully this program has fewer hitches than their stores. All told, I’m looking at $40 in gift cards and $50 in checks. One of my sister’s is in charge of mailing me 2 of the gift cards and will be instructed where to send a donation for the amount of the checks. She’s the only family who doesn’t have any financial history with me, so this is a reputation-starter for her.

Free Rolfing/Thai massage exchange:  About 10 days ago, I exchanged bodywork services with a Rolfer. It was my second session (the first was 3 weeks earlier, different practitioner, paid for it), and I can’t begin to describe how happy I am with the results. I’ve had fairly constant neck pain for the previous 8-10 months, shoulder pain for about 4 months, and weird elbow twinges for 2 months. It wasn’t affecting my work, but I felt that wasn’t far off. I’m delighted to report an 80% improvement – yay!!!

Walgreens:  Must submit the receipt for one measly $8 product. Walgreens in the city never restocks the monthly Easy Saver deals after they sell out on the first day of the month. Lesson learned…will wait until they start up their new CVS-like program this spring because chasing deals at stores that have no stock for the delayed gratification of a rebate is not worth it to me.


4 Responses

  1. re: Suave

    I called, and they said due to extremely high response, they will be extending the promotion, with new coupons that expire March 31st. She said they would fill ALL requests, so there is still hope for those of us who have not received this yet. Good luck to us all.

  2. JPT – thanks for the update! As for Walgreens…if only they would stock their shelves more than once a week. I’d totally do the RR stuff…tried, but they never ever ever had the items. Amy’s blog is pretty helpful though, for when I hit the burbs.

  3. Yes, I was still waiting for the Suave coupon too. And I have the same problem with Rite Aid that you have with Walgreen’s. Shelves not well stocked. Our Walgreen’s is very new (a few months old) and they haven’t yet gotten in everything originally planned as they were open several months ahead of schedule. At least the few times they didn’t have what I went in for, they at least gave me an equal (or better) item for the same price. I did do two Rite Aid deals last week with the $5 off $20 coupon and she did let me stack it. I had to tell the first girl it was “pre-coupons” though. It seems like if you say something with enough authority, they generally go with the plan! I went in for four Listerine Total Cares and had planned to hit both Rite Aids to quell any anticipated squalling of using two $5 off $20’s. As it turned out, the first Rite Aid only had two Listerine’s so I had to hit the second Rite Aid for their last two anyway (all on my lunch hour!). I dare not complain. $40 worth of stuff for free. It was more than worth it. And I realized as I was putting the two clerks through the grill with all the coupons, that the least I could do was give them each free Arby’s coupons that I had with me as well. They were thrilled. Not sure what YOUR coupon pile looks like but mine has become a WHOLE TOTE!

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